Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perfect Match cast: All about the Korea's Drama Queen Son Ye Jin

Name: Son Ye Jin �?��??�? (Sohn Ye-Jin)
Birth date: January 11, 1982
Country: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood type: RH+ A
Personality: Can be talkative and easy going with people I feel close to, but tend to be a bit shy and find it difficult to befriend people I don?t know well. As a result, people sometimes take me for a cold and reserved person.
Family: Parents and older sister.
Education: Film Art Department, Seoul Institute of Arts
Habit: No particular habits, but sometimes talk in my sleep.
Hobby: Swimming, Yoga, Taking photos with mobile phone. Learned to swim when young, so still spend a lot of time swimming when on trips. Feel that health has somewhat deteriorated lately due to tight acting schedule, so has to start yoga lessons. Taking yoga very seriously because it helps soothe both body and mind. Taking photos with mobile phone is more fun than taking photos with a camera. So I always have my mobile phone with me and take pictures, whether I?m in the car, in a coffee shop or taking a break during work.
Character: Calm and introspective
Favorite Color: Beige, Ivory, Pastel tones.
Favorite Food: Tteokbokki, Korean food (Stew, Sollongtang/Seolleongtang, Galbitang etc), Like all kinds of food.
Favorite Fashion: Semi casual, Blue jeans and T-Shirts
Favorite Actress: Go Du-Sim, Kim Young-Ae, Jeon Do-Yeon, Shim Eun-Ha
Favorite Actor: Shin Hae Hwang, Min Shik Choi, Kang Ho Song
Favorite Man Type: A man who is understanding and knows how to make a person feel comfortable.
Favorite Pet: Puppy (I have a puppy which is a maltese breed).
Favorite Flower: Baby?s Breath (Common Gypsophila)
Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge, Life is Beautiful
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite City: Paris
Favorite Collection: Clothes, Hats
Prized Accessories: Hats, Watches
Happiest Moment: When I passed the college entrance exam, when I first met my dog Benjy, a Yorkshire terrier which I have had for 7 years who is currently at my home at Daegu because he could not joins me at Seoul.
Mailing Address: 4nd Floor, KR Building, 78-6 Chungdam 2-dong, Gangnam gu, Seoul, Korea


2006 SBS Alone In Love
2003 KBS Summer Scent
2002 SBS Dae Mang (The Great Hope)
2001 MBC Sun-hee & Jin-hee
2001 MBC Sweet Propose (Delicious Proposal)

2010: Chilling Romance
2009: White Night
2008 My Wife Got Married
2007 Open City
2007 Yeu Woo Bi, Cubby The Fox
2005 Art Of Seduction
2005 April Snow
2004 A Moment To Remember
2003 Crazy First Love
2003 The Classic
2002 Lover's Concerto
2002 Chihwaseon
2000 Secret Tears


2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Leading Actress (My Wife Got Married)
2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Actress (My Wife Got Married)
2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Onscreen Couple (with Kim Joo Hyuk)
2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Leading Actress (My Wife Got Married)2007, The 43nd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Leading Actress (Alone In Love)
2006, Korea Model Festival Award Jan 19, 07 - Best Model-Turned-Actress for TV commercial
2006, SBS Performance Awards - Top Excellence & Top 10 Stars Awards (Alone In Love)
2006, 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival - Best Lead Actress (April Snow)
2005, 25th Blue Dragon Movie Award - Best Actress Nomination
2004, 9th Moscow International Love Movie Awards - Best Couple (The Classic)
2003, 24th Blue Dragon Movie Award - Most Favourite Star (The Classic, Crazy First Love)
2003, 40th DaeJongSang Film Festival - Best new Actress (The Classic)
2003, 39th BaekSang Art Award - Best new Actress (The Classic)
2002, 22th Movie Critics Award - Best new Actress (Lovers' Concerto)
2001, MBC TV Awards - the best newcomer (Delicious Proposal, Sun-Hee and Jin-Hee)

Box Office Achievements
2006 - April Snow, earned some 2.72 billion yen (26 billion won) when it was first released in Japan becoming the most successful Korean film released in Japan, until another Son Ye-Jin film -- Lee Jae-Han's ? ???? ??? (A Moment to Remember) -- beat its record.
2005 - AMTR, 3.0 billion yen, top grossing Korean movie in Japan, April Snow, 2.8 billion yen, second highest grossing korean movie in Japan
2005 - Arts of Seduction (highly possible since achieve 1 million within first week, will update in a few weeks' time)
2004 - A Moment To Remember, Top 10 grossing movies of Korean
2003 - Crazy First Love, Top 10 grossing movies of Korean
2002 - Lovers' Concerto, Top 10 grossing movies of Korean



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