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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun show off their sizzling chemistry in pictorial for 'Allure'

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun made shippers ecstatic with their sizzling couple pictorial for 'Allure'!

When asked if they can feel the popularity of the 'SoRim' couple during the interview portion, Kim So Eun shared, "I've never imagined that the response would be this hot. I was worried before entering filming so I feel satisfaction when people say that I'm doing well or that we're fun to watch. I definitely get faster feedback than I would for a drama, and I think people see me as more friendly." Song Jae Rim added, "I don't have reasons to go out much so I haven't felt [our popularity] much, but there was an ahjumma at the supermarket recently who asked me if I was the guy from 'We Got Married'. I felt the power of variety shows then."

When asked how she came to appear on the show, Kim So Eun shared, "This was the first time that I ever thought about something so much that I got a migraine. I wanted to break the coy and gentle image of the ideal daughter-in-law that I have right now. I thought that if I show how I really am, then my image will change."

When asked what he wants to do with Kim So Eun, Song Jae Rim shared, "I want to go camping together and go sight-seeing and stargazing. I once saw a scene of a couple drinking wine and stargazing on top of a car in a movie, and I was really envious. I think it would be nice if I could do that with So Eun."

Check out their couple pictorial in 'Allure Korea's December issue!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Within only a few hours of release, GD X Taeyang‘s newest single “Good Boy” has already achieved all-kill status on Korean music charts and several iTunes charts worldwide!As part of YG Entertainment‘s ongoing hip-hop unit project, GD X Taeyang released the music video for their new unit’s debut single “Good Boy” on November 21st. Since then, the duo has gained attention around the world, with #GOODBOY trending worldwide on Twitter within minutes and earning nearly 800,000 views on YouTube within eight hours.
In South Korea, “Good Boy” has risen to first place on eight music charts, including MelOn, Bugs, Mnet, Soribada and Naver. Internationally, so far it has claimed first place on iTunes in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
With its mix of trap, EDM and hip-hop, “Good Boy” is a unique track that showcases G-Dragon’s characteristic rapping style and Taeyang‘s smooth vocals in one addictive song. It was composed by G-Dragon, The Fliptones, and Freedo, and the music video was directed by renowned director Colin Tilley, who has won several BET music awards with his music videos for Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown.
With its all-star production team, “Good Boy” is already generating buzz for the upcoming 2015 YouTube Music Awards.
YG Entertainment’s second hip-hop unit project, whose members are still unknown, will release their track on December 2nd.
A video series featuring Sandara Park, a member of the K-pop girl group 2NE1, and actor Steven Yeun has received a total of more than 1 million views just four days since its release.
Released last week under the title “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” by BeFUNNY Studios, the video series gained immediate attention from viewers.
The series, composed of three parody videos and a highlight episode, tells the comical yet serious story of Yeun trying to become a star in Korea.
Undergoing harsh eating training from his management agency, the Korean-American actor rises and falls as a celebrity who continuously eats while on the air — as a meokbang host. “Meokbang” is a recently coined Korean word for “TV eating shows.”
Park plays the part of Yeun’s girlfriend, who also dreams of becoming a meokbang host.
She received favorable comments from viewers for her role as the lovely but comical character.
BeFUNNY Studios is Asia’s first celebrity studio jointly created by CAA, an American agency that represents Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, and Funny or Die.

9 Unbelievable Real Ages Of K-Pop Idols You Wouldn’t Believe

Kpop Idols Real Age You Wouldn't Believe

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how old our favorite biases are as the years just whiz pass. Their beauty regimens incorporated with their amazing genes further improve their ability to look younger than their actual age. Here are 9 K-Pop Idols Whose Real Age You Won’t Believe.
Qri – 27 years old (Korean age: 29 years old)
Born on December 12, 1986, T-ARA‘s Qri will be turning 28 years old next month! But with her naturally smooth skin and not a wrinkle in sight, it’s hard to imagine this beautiful woman is actually in her late twenties!

Photo: Qri from And&End (CCM)
Boram – 28 years old (Korean age: 29 years old)
With her small stature, one would think Boram is the maknae of T-ARA. However, surprisingly, Boram is the oldest of the group and in the ’86 line at 28 years old!
Photo: Boram from Again 1977 (CCM)
Photo: Boram from Again 1977 (CCM)
Sulli – 20 years old (Korean age: 21 years old)
Despite being the tallest in her group at 5’7″ (170cm), Sulli is one of the youngest in f(x) at 20 years old. Although she is frequently mistaken as the maknae of the group, Sulli is the second youngest following Krystal.
Photo: Sulli from Red Light SMTOWN)
Photo: Sulli from Red Light (SMTOWN)
Suzy – 20 years old (Korean age: 21 years old)
Known for her stunning beauty, it’s hard to forget Suzy is young for such a hard worker at only 20 years old. With many activities under her belt, Suzy represents her line of ’94 among idols.
Photo: Suzy from Marie Claire August 2014 (miss A)
Photo: Suzy from Marie Claire August 2014 (miss A)
Kangta – 35 years old (Korean age: 36 years old)
As one of the first generation K-pop idols from the popular group H.O.T, Kangta really doesn’t seem like he’s aged much, if at all, since their breakup in 2001, over 14 years ago! Now that’s some amazing genetics.
Photo: Kangta from Autumn Breeze SMTOWN
Photo: Kangta from Autumn Breeze (SMTOWN)
Goo Hara – 23 years old (Korean age: 24 years old)
Hara has a baby face that’s for sure, but her mix of good genes, regularly scheduled pilates and exercise, and good hygiene, the KARA member kept her youthful looks while showing off her sexy side on stage.
Photo: Goo Hara from MAMMA MIA
Photo: Goo Hara from MAMMA MIA (DSP)
Nichkhun – 26 years old (Korean age: 27 years old)
He’s got the face of a baby, but 2PM‘s Nichkhun is far from one. This adorable man is actually 26 years old, though he could certainly pass off as a high schooler.
Photo: Nichkhun
Photo: Nichkhun
Dara (Sandara Park- 30 years old (Korean age: 31 years old)
She’s cute, she’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, an all-in-one package. It’s hard to believe that 2NE1’s Dara is already in her 30s when she could easily pass off as the maknae.
Photo: Sandara Park
Photo: Sandara Park (YG-Life)
Seungri – 23 years old (Korean age: 25 years old)
As maknae of BIGBANG, Seungri certainly seems a lot older during his music promotions with his mature and chic concepts, so you may be surprised that he’s still at a young age of 23.
Photo: Seungri from Let's Talk About Love (Naver Music)
Photo: Seungri from Let’s Talk About Love (Naver Music)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TVXQ drops 4 jacket photos and tracklist for new Japanese album “WITH”

TVXQ has revealed jacket photos for their upcoming Japanese album WITH, showing different concepts from being gentle boyfriend-idols to becoming charismatic manly-idols!
With their recent single “Time Works Wonders,” TVXQ claimed the #1 spot in sales for international artists promoting in Japan! Following such a successful achievement, the duo decided to continue their Japanese activities with a new album! WITH is scheduled for a December 17th release, which will include 14 songs and the tracklist is as follows:
1. “Refuse to lose ~Introduction~”
2. “Spinning”
3. “Believe In U”
4. “SURISURI [Spellbound]”
5. “Time Works Wonders”
6. “DIRT”
7. “I just can’t quit myself”
8. “Chandelier”
9. “Baby, don’t cry”
10. “Answer”
11. “Calling”
12. “Sweat”
13. “Special One”
14. “With Love”
The album jacket photos were released by TVXQ’s Japanese agency Avex on November 17th.
The album covers for the 4 different versions of WITH portray different sides of TVXQ, as they wear matching comfy, wool sweaters in one version, show cool charisma with well-combed hair and neat suits in another, appear less serious by wearing blue-tinted shirts and going barefoot in yet another one, and wear stylish outfits and pose with dogs in the last version.
The duo will also embark on a special two-day live tour T1STORY in Seoul on December 6th and 7th.
In other news, TVXQ is expected to share the same stage as JYJ for the first time since their split in an upcoming event on November 24th. The three members of JYJ had also let out their tears when they sang the TVXQ song “Begin” during their tour.
TVXQ WITH album cover Ver D
Photo: TVXQ Japan
TVXQ WITH album cover Ver B
Photo: Dispatch
TVXQ WITH album cover Ver C
Photo: TVXQ Japan
TVXQ WITH album cover Ver A
Photo: TVXQ Japan
Source: TVXQ Japan and Dispatch

G-Dragon x Taeyang release image teaser for “Good Boy”

GD x Taeyang collab teaser
YG Entertainment‘s latest hip-hop unit featuring Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang have released an image teaser for their unit’s debut single, “Good Boy”!
Earlier this week, YG Entertainment revealed that G-Dragon and Taeyang would be finally teaming up for a collaboration hip-hop unit that will release a single on November 21st.
Their latest image teaser shows G-Dragon and Taeyang standing in front of a car with its headlights on. The bold, black text “GOOD BOY” stands out against their white shirts which are highlighted by a blacklight.
Although their faces are kept in the shadows, Taeyang’s muscular arms and G-Dragon’s luminescent hair can be seen. The image teaser also has bright shades of blue and pink in the background, perhaps hinting at a dance-like, fun single.
G-Dragon and Taeyang’s collaboration single, along with the music video for the song, will be released on November 21st at 12am KST.

Eye Candy: 13 Half-Korean Hotties

Halfies are beautiful creatures. Containing a mix of physical features from two different ethnicities, halfie faces represent the best of both worlds.

Half-Koreans are no exception. Check out these 13 half-Korean hotties from around the globe who have gained attention not only for their talent but also for their beautiful, exotic looks!

Daniel Henney

The day Daniel Henney was born was the day God decided to bless the earth with this American and Korean mixed beauty. Just look at that perfectly chiseled face!

Dennis Oh

Another handsome man who is a god in a suit (hubba hubba), actor Dennis Oh is a perfect blend of American and Korean features, complete with a winning smile.

Julien Kang 

Fans wept the day Julien Kang was found drunkenly wandering in his underwear in the streets of Seoul. Wept because they weren't there to witness this Korean and French hottie turn into an even hotter mess. Not that the fully clothed version isn't a treat for the eyes, either.

Chocolat's Juliane

When Chocolat first debuted, it boasted having three half-Korean members on board. Half Korean and half German-Italian, Juliane's features come together to make a sweet, lady-like look.

Chocolat's Tia

Fellow half-Korean Chocolat member Tia is the visual of the group for good reason. With her big, nearly circular eyes and baby cheeks, Tia is a gorgeous young girl, who went into the limelight at just the age of 14.  The other half is a mix of Puerto Rican and German.

Chocolat's Melanie 

With a middle name like Aurora, the third member of Chocolat, Melanie, looks like the princess from 'Sleeping Beauty' herself with her long blonde hair and unique, fairy-like features. Like Juliane, Melanie is half Korean and half German-Italian.

DMTN's Simon

DMTN member Simon is yet another idol who is half-Korean. The other half of his sexy genes come from his Japanese roots. With his chiseled, Superman jaw and abs, Simon shows just how hot a fusion of two Asian countries can look.

Yoon Mi Rae

Half-Korean and half-African-American, Yoon Mi Rae boasts a unique, gorgeous look with her elegant features and soulful eyes!

Michelle Lee 

Another half-Korean and half-African-American, Michelle Lee can pull off a tough girl look like no other! With her dark skin tone, full lips, and full figure, Michelle Lee is a fierce young woman who is out to make it on her own.

Ricky Kim

Ricky Kim is yet another half-American and half-Korean hunk with an intense stare, sexy jaw line, and great build.  Sorry, ladies, but he's taken!

Check out his adorable baby, Teo (known for looking like EXO's Kai)!


Shannon Williams

Former F-ve Dolls member, Shannon Williams has a mix of Korean and Welsh in her, giving her a youthful, forever child-like face and a lovely singing voice.

David Lee McInnis

Actor David Lee McInnis is sexy with his mix of German-Scottish and Korean features. Aside from his arched eyebrows and scruffy facial hair, David Lee McInnis will have you head over heels with his perfect smolder.

Mizuhara Kiko

Last but not least, we have Mizuhara Kiko, a Japanese model and actress who is actually of Korean and American descent. With her perfect proportions, pouty lips, and modeling talent, it's no wonder her pictures come out so stunning! 

These were just some gorgeous half-Koreans in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned for next time when we introduce a list of some of the cutest half-Korean kids!

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Every time! Watch your favorite K-drama love triangles on DramaFever: (credit to creator)

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'Cart' co-stars Yeom Jung Ah and EXO's D.O. are like mother and son in a selca

November 6, 2014 @ 2:06 am

'Cart' co-stars Yeom Jung Ah and EXO's D.O. looked like mother and son offscreen as well!

Yeom Jung Ah's agency Fantagio tweeted on the 6th, "'Cart' with my pretty son Kyung Soo~Finally, a week left until the premiere~," along with the endearing selca.

D.O. previously revealed that Yeom Jung Ah felt like a mother to him during filming of their movie, and it seems like they've gotten close like family. EXO-L were also happy to see the normally reserved D.O. flash a big smile.

'Cart' will premiere in theaters across Korea on the 13th!

It’s the birth of YG’s new group, iKon as the last member, Kim Donghyuk was announced to complete their 7-member lineup. Congratulations to Kim Donghyuk !
He will be joining the recently declared members, Song Yunhyeong, Goo Junhoe and Jung Chanwoo, alongside the confirmed members even before the start of the show, Kim Jinhwan, Bobby and B.I  to complete iKon.
This announcement brought a mixed and conflicted emotions and opinion from anticipating fans as the additional contenders for the coveted spots, Jung Chanwoo, Yang Hongseok and Jung Jinhyeong along with the original 6 have also occupied a special spot on the fans heart as the show progressed.
Upon the announcement of Chanwoo as the 6th member just yesterday, thousands of fans were left wounded as they hope for  Donghyuk, Jinhyeong and Hongseok to be able to make the cut. Tonight seems to be no different, but even worse…
Congratulations again to Donghyuk!
Just a look back on the notable performances of the remaining members before this announcement, here’s Jinhyeong and Hongseok. Goodbye and see you again…

B1r6mkvCEAEYQZ6JUNG CHANWOO has been selected as the sixth member of YG Entertainment’s new boy group iKON.
On the 6 at 0am, YG unveiled a poster of iKON’s new member JUNG CHANWOO, on its official blog and mobile messenger LINE’s official account of iKON. Now, only one more vacancy is left for iKON.
Six members except for B.I, BOBBY, and KIM JINHWAN whose debut was already confirmed, have been competing in Mnet’s MIX & MATCH”. Out of the six, only four can make debut as iKON. As KOO JUNHOE and SONG YUNHYEONG were selected on the 4 and 5, Internet users have speculated that iKON will have six WIN Team B members and one new face member.
However, on the poster released on the 6, new face JUNG CHANWOO, not WIN Team B’s original member KIM DONGHYUK, was announced as the sixth member of iKON. Fans are paying keen attention to what kind of twist is waiting for them in the announcement of the last member.
Meanwhile, MIX & MATCH members competed in votes, with unique number to each one. No.1 was KOO JUNHOE, No.2 SONG YUNHYEONG, No.3 KIM DONGHYUK, No.4 JUNG JINHYEONG, No.5 JUNG CHANWOO, and No.6 YANG HONGSEOK. They have been competing to become the members of iKON, in three big matches: “pre-match”, “collaboration match”, and “final match”.
They have been selected by fans in global fan meeting and vote held in China, Japan, and Korea, as well as in text-messaging vote, Facebook online vote, and LINE mobile vote held from the 30 at 11pm until the 31 at midnight last month, whose result is reflected in 70% of the final selection. The other 30% is reflected from judges’ scores.
The announcements of iKON’s new members on the 4, 5, and 6 this month have been making fans stay up late in the night. Because of many fans who were so curious about the announcement, YG’s official blog was down every time, by too much access. While iKON is creating sensation even before their official debut, six of them: B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, KOO JUNHOE, SONG YUNHYEONG, and JUNG CHANWOO, have been confirmed as members. The final member will be announced in the last episode of MIX & MATCH to be aired on the 6 in the evening.
Meanwhile, the seven members of iKON will follow the footsteps of YG boy group, and will begin the process of their debut in earnest, by showing their talent and character as a guest on the opening stage of BIGBANG’s Japan five dome tour that will begin on the 15 and 16 in Nagoya.

WINNER’s Mino shows artistic talent in Epik High “Born Hater” drawing

Born Hater drawing by WINNER's Mino
It seems male group WINNER is not only full of talented artists, but artistic talent as well. In a recent post, Tablo shared an amazing drawing of Epik High’s “Born Hater” drawn by Mino.
Tablo writes on November 6th, “EPIK HIGH – BORN HATER ART by Song Minho (MINO of WINNER) | Minho finally drew this out for his hyungs as a gift to celebrate our solo concert! You created a BORN ANGEL ㅜㅜ”.
The talented rapper shared the drawing on his Twitter, revealing the cast of the music video, drawn in black and white, save Tukutz in his bright red suit. At the bottom of the drawing, Mino expresses his congratulations to his seniors on the successful release of their 8th album Shoebox.

SM family look pretty and scary in pictures from their Halloween party

November 4, 2014 @ 11:18 am

SM Entertainment artists, such as Girls' Generation, EXO, Red Velvet, and Super Junior, released shots from their Halloween party on November 4!  Although it was a bit late for Halloween, the singers made up for it with their awesome costumes.

While Tiffany dressed up as a gorgeous Alice from Wonderland, Taeyeon dressed as a character from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and Heechul dressed up as Anna from 'Frozen,' once again, showing his undying love for the Disney film.  Going along with the 'Frozen' theme, Sooyoung dressed as the snowman, Olaf.

Yuri turned into a sexy cat, Hyoyeon into a sexy police officer, and Key into scary Edward Scissorhands.  Chanyeol transformed into the Joker while Xiumin looked equally Halloween-ready with dark eye makeup and Seohyun dressed up as a vampire.  On the other hand, Red Velvet turned up the level of cuteness in group Winnie-the-Pooh costumes.