Thursday, November 20, 2014

9 Unbelievable Real Ages Of K-Pop Idols You Wouldn’t Believe

Kpop Idols Real Age You Wouldn't Believe

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how old our favorite biases are as the years just whiz pass. Their beauty regimens incorporated with their amazing genes further improve their ability to look younger than their actual age. Here are 9 K-Pop Idols Whose Real Age You Won’t Believe.
Qri – 27 years old (Korean age: 29 years old)
Born on December 12, 1986, T-ARA‘s Qri will be turning 28 years old next month! But with her naturally smooth skin and not a wrinkle in sight, it’s hard to imagine this beautiful woman is actually in her late twenties!

Photo: Qri from And&End (CCM)
Boram – 28 years old (Korean age: 29 years old)
With her small stature, one would think Boram is the maknae of T-ARA. However, surprisingly, Boram is the oldest of the group and in the ’86 line at 28 years old!
Photo: Boram from Again 1977 (CCM)
Photo: Boram from Again 1977 (CCM)
Sulli – 20 years old (Korean age: 21 years old)
Despite being the tallest in her group at 5’7″ (170cm), Sulli is one of the youngest in f(x) at 20 years old. Although she is frequently mistaken as the maknae of the group, Sulli is the second youngest following Krystal.
Photo: Sulli from Red Light SMTOWN)
Photo: Sulli from Red Light (SMTOWN)
Suzy – 20 years old (Korean age: 21 years old)
Known for her stunning beauty, it’s hard to forget Suzy is young for such a hard worker at only 20 years old. With many activities under her belt, Suzy represents her line of ’94 among idols.
Photo: Suzy from Marie Claire August 2014 (miss A)
Photo: Suzy from Marie Claire August 2014 (miss A)
Kangta – 35 years old (Korean age: 36 years old)
As one of the first generation K-pop idols from the popular group H.O.T, Kangta really doesn’t seem like he’s aged much, if at all, since their breakup in 2001, over 14 years ago! Now that’s some amazing genetics.
Photo: Kangta from Autumn Breeze SMTOWN
Photo: Kangta from Autumn Breeze (SMTOWN)
Goo Hara – 23 years old (Korean age: 24 years old)
Hara has a baby face that’s for sure, but her mix of good genes, regularly scheduled pilates and exercise, and good hygiene, the KARA member kept her youthful looks while showing off her sexy side on stage.
Photo: Goo Hara from MAMMA MIA
Photo: Goo Hara from MAMMA MIA (DSP)
Nichkhun – 26 years old (Korean age: 27 years old)
He’s got the face of a baby, but 2PM‘s Nichkhun is far from one. This adorable man is actually 26 years old, though he could certainly pass off as a high schooler.
Photo: Nichkhun
Photo: Nichkhun
Dara (Sandara Park- 30 years old (Korean age: 31 years old)
She’s cute, she’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, an all-in-one package. It’s hard to believe that 2NE1’s Dara is already in her 30s when she could easily pass off as the maknae.
Photo: Sandara Park
Photo: Sandara Park (YG-Life)
Seungri – 23 years old (Korean age: 25 years old)
As maknae of BIGBANG, Seungri certainly seems a lot older during his music promotions with his mature and chic concepts, so you may be surprised that he’s still at a young age of 23.
Photo: Seungri from Let's Talk About Love (Naver Music)
Photo: Seungri from Let’s Talk About Love (Naver Music)

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