Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eye Candy: 13 Half-Korean Hotties

Halfies are beautiful creatures. Containing a mix of physical features from two different ethnicities, halfie faces represent the best of both worlds.

Half-Koreans are no exception. Check out these 13 half-Korean hotties from around the globe who have gained attention not only for their talent but also for their beautiful, exotic looks!

Daniel Henney

The day Daniel Henney was born was the day God decided to bless the earth with this American and Korean mixed beauty. Just look at that perfectly chiseled face!

Dennis Oh

Another handsome man who is a god in a suit (hubba hubba), actor Dennis Oh is a perfect blend of American and Korean features, complete with a winning smile.

Julien Kang 

Fans wept the day Julien Kang was found drunkenly wandering in his underwear in the streets of Seoul. Wept because they weren't there to witness this Korean and French hottie turn into an even hotter mess. Not that the fully clothed version isn't a treat for the eyes, either.

Chocolat's Juliane

When Chocolat first debuted, it boasted having three half-Korean members on board. Half Korean and half German-Italian, Juliane's features come together to make a sweet, lady-like look.

Chocolat's Tia

Fellow half-Korean Chocolat member Tia is the visual of the group for good reason. With her big, nearly circular eyes and baby cheeks, Tia is a gorgeous young girl, who went into the limelight at just the age of 14.  The other half is a mix of Puerto Rican and German.

Chocolat's Melanie 

With a middle name like Aurora, the third member of Chocolat, Melanie, looks like the princess from 'Sleeping Beauty' herself with her long blonde hair and unique, fairy-like features. Like Juliane, Melanie is half Korean and half German-Italian.

DMTN's Simon

DMTN member Simon is yet another idol who is half-Korean. The other half of his sexy genes come from his Japanese roots. With his chiseled, Superman jaw and abs, Simon shows just how hot a fusion of two Asian countries can look.

Yoon Mi Rae

Half-Korean and half-African-American, Yoon Mi Rae boasts a unique, gorgeous look with her elegant features and soulful eyes!

Michelle Lee 

Another half-Korean and half-African-American, Michelle Lee can pull off a tough girl look like no other! With her dark skin tone, full lips, and full figure, Michelle Lee is a fierce young woman who is out to make it on her own.

Ricky Kim

Ricky Kim is yet another half-American and half-Korean hunk with an intense stare, sexy jaw line, and great build.  Sorry, ladies, but he's taken!

Check out his adorable baby, Teo (known for looking like EXO's Kai)!


Shannon Williams

Former F-ve Dolls member, Shannon Williams has a mix of Korean and Welsh in her, giving her a youthful, forever child-like face and a lovely singing voice.

David Lee McInnis

Actor David Lee McInnis is sexy with his mix of German-Scottish and Korean features. Aside from his arched eyebrows and scruffy facial hair, David Lee McInnis will have you head over heels with his perfect smolder.

Mizuhara Kiko

Last but not least, we have Mizuhara Kiko, a Japanese model and actress who is actually of Korean and American descent. With her perfect proportions, pouty lips, and modeling talent, it's no wonder her pictures come out so stunning! 

These were just some gorgeous half-Koreans in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned for next time when we introduce a list of some of the cutest half-Korean kids!

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