Thursday, November 06, 2014

It’s the birth of YG’s new group, iKon as the last member, Kim Donghyuk was announced to complete their 7-member lineup. Congratulations to Kim Donghyuk !
He will be joining the recently declared members, Song Yunhyeong, Goo Junhoe and Jung Chanwoo, alongside the confirmed members even before the start of the show, Kim Jinhwan, Bobby and B.I  to complete iKon.
This announcement brought a mixed and conflicted emotions and opinion from anticipating fans as the additional contenders for the coveted spots, Jung Chanwoo, Yang Hongseok and Jung Jinhyeong along with the original 6 have also occupied a special spot on the fans heart as the show progressed.
Upon the announcement of Chanwoo as the 6th member just yesterday, thousands of fans were left wounded as they hope for  Donghyuk, Jinhyeong and Hongseok to be able to make the cut. Tonight seems to be no different, but even worse…
Congratulations again to Donghyuk!
Just a look back on the notable performances of the remaining members before this announcement, here’s Jinhyeong and Hongseok. Goodbye and see you again…

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