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Jung Woo Sung Names Won Bin and Kim Woo Bin as Good-Looking Juniors

Jung Woo Sung Names Won Bin and Kim Woo Bin as Good-Looking Juniors
Actor Jung Woo Sung was interviewed for the December 25 broadcast of SBS’ “Late Night TV Entertainment,” and he named junior colleague Won Bin as the actor who looks better than him. Jung Woo Sung immediately gave the name of Won Bin as soon as the question was asked, showing certainty in his answer.
He also talked about Kim Woo Bin, describing his face as one that has a marked individuality. When the reporter teased Jung Woo Sung about that meaning Kim Woo Bin isn’t good-looking, Jung Woo Sung hurriedly replied, “Don’t make me a public enemy.”
In related news, Jung Woo Sung is looking forward to the 2014 premier of his movie “God’s Trick,” also starring Ahn Sung KiLee Bum Soo, and Choi Jin Hyuk.

You Never Would Have Guessed These 8 Cheerful Idols Suffered From Severe Depression


The K-Pop industry is filled with wonder and glamour but having to look perfect 24/7 takes a toll on the idols at times.
1. G Dragon (Big Bang)
G Dragon is known for his charisma and his impossible swag.
gdragonBut inside all that awesomeness he is still an impressionable young man. He confessed on TV that after his single “Heart Breaker” was under fire for plagiarism, he avoided everyone including his parents and friends and said, “I had done nothing wrong but I felt like a criminal. I was depressed for a long time.”
2. Suzy (Miss A)
The nation’s first love, Suzy, in another person’s eye may appear to another person to have the perfect life. She has beauty, fame, money and the love of an entire nation.

Surprising however, she confessed on TV in 2013 that she suffered from a sever case of depression. She said, “I have something like depression and I couldn’t tell anyone for a while. I even began to think I couldn’t last another day. One day I was chatting with my friend and laughing at a joke and all of a sudden I began crying.”
3. Jo Kwon (2AM)
The happy virus of K-Pop, Jo Kwon! He’s always brings laughter and joy to where ever he appears.
jokwon 2Fans however, may be surprised to find out that Jo Kown during his trainee days suffered from severe depression during the 8 years he spent as a trainee. I’m glad he didn’t give up because of the depression.
4. Lizzy (After School)
When you think Lizzy of After School, you think bright smiles and cute dialect. However she confesses that she also suffered from depression.
lizzyWhen “Running Man” first started, Lizzy was a fixed member. However, after taking her leave of Running Man she stated she suffered from depression after media reported that she had never been a member but only a guest.
5. T.O.P (Big Bang)
In 2008, T.O.P was reported to have suffered from anxiety attacks as well as depression.
6. Baro (B1A4)
Baro stated that he became so attached to the cast of “Return 1994″ that after the show had ended, he fell into depression at the notion that he would not be able to see them anymore due to the fact that they all had busy schedules.
7. Jinwoon (2AM)
Jinwoon of 2AM said, after 2AM’s US tour, he fell into depression. He couldn’t sleep properly for a month and he wanted to be left alone.
8. Heechul (Super Junior)
After Hankyung abrutly left Super Junior, Heechul who was his closest friend fell into deep depression. He shut himself in and didn’t appear on stage for nearly three months. He said Eunhyuk snapped him out of him saying, “Hyung we don’t need you for your singing or your dancing but we need you because without you Super Junior isn’t the same.”

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Yewon in talks for “We Got Married”

yewon jonghyun

On February 27th, it was revealed that CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Jewelry’s Yewon are currently in talks to join the next season of virtual-reality show We Got Married.
While it was previously reported that Nam Goong MinHong Jin YoungHong Jong Hyun, and Yura would be leaving the show, fans have been curious as to who the new couples would be.
It appears that the two stars have been in meetings with the crew, however, nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. With news of the two being in meetings, many fans are hoping that they will be paired as an on-screen couple.
Jonghyun has had experience with acting through his various projects such as SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity. Meanwhile, Yewon has taken roles in tvN’s Reply 1997 andMBC’s Hotel King.
The new couples are set to join Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun starting March 7th.
Source: Star MT and Sports Chosun

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[1080p] 141216 Luhan - 'Back to 20' 2nd Trailer (ENG)

150125 Kris WuYiFan in "Somewhere Only We Know 2015" Official Trailer Full (150214)

Kris (Wu Yifan) - Somewhere Only We Know Movie Trailer #2

Korean Movie 스물 (Twenty, 2015) 메인 예고편 (Main Trailer)

CART Trailer | Festival 2014

150224 장수상회 Jang Soo Shop 예고편 Preview

EXO’s Chanyeol displays his youthful charms for debut film “Last First Love” trailer

Moon Ga Young and Chanyeol
Posted on 

In the newest trailer for Jangsoo Company (Last First Love) EXO’s Chanyeol is a wide-eyed high school student, back in uniform for his big screen debut alongside a star-studded cast for the Grandpas Over Flowers adaption.
It was reported last June that Chanyeol had been offered his first movie role and was laterconfirmed on July 1st along with the rest of the star-studded cast. The movie began shooting in late August and is now preparing for it’s spring release.
Blockbuster director Kang Jae Kyu is directing this heartwarming multi-generational story of growth and love surrounding a shop keeper and his mart, “Jangsoo Mart.” Hence the title, Jangsoo Company.
Adapted from the concept of tvN‘s hit drama Grandpas Over Flowers, the director hopes to tell the story where the older generation becomes the focus rather than having a minor role in a grand scheme.
The movie will star Park Gun Hyung as the grumpy old ahjussi who transforms after meeting Yoon Yeo JungHan Ji Min as Yoon’s daughter. Jo Jin Woong will play the role of the shop keeper along wit his love interest Hwang Woo Seul Hye. Meanwhile, representing the younger generation, Chanyeol will be playing the role of Moon Ga Young‘s boyfriend.
Meanwhile, netizens have reacted positively after the release of the new trailer, finding the blooming relationships and the star-studded cast charming. Fans of the EXO member are excited to see the young actor’s big screen debut and are swooning after Chanyeol’s bright smile and his loveline with actress Moon Ga Young.
Last First Love is set to open in April in Korea as it’s touching story hopes to capture the hearts of Korea as it delves into the innocence of first love as well as the depth of a rekindled fire.

Source: The Star

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[★TRENDING] Netizen leaks private photos of Kris (Wu Yifan) together with alleged ex-girlfriend

Wu Yifan (Kris)On February 23, a netizen posted that former EXO-M‘s Kris (Wu Yifan) had previously dated her friend in 2013 and shared several private pictures of Kris as proof of the relationship.
The poster, under the username “minaminabby,” claimed that her friend dated Kris back in 2013 and talked in detail about matters related to Kris, including his decision to leave SM Entertainment. In addition to the multiple pictures of Kris, the post included a screenshot of a message of someone calling Kris “Husband” and sending him racy photos.
The photos in the post have been confirmed to be taken from Kris’s phone in 2013. However, according to Chinese portal site Sina, the post may not be credible as they said, “The pictures are from Kris’s SNS which was hacked last November.  Additional details will require further investigations.”
The original post has since been deleted, but the entire post has been reposted on several occasions. A clarification was later made, stating that the user who initially uploaded the post was an admin of “,” a blog said to have shared hacked, stolen, and sasaeng photos of EXO members. In addition, a clarification was made saying that the post was actually a fanfic written about Kris that used hacked images.
The original post reads as follows:
Pictures Kris sent my friend in case you don’t believe me:
pic 1
I’m not really an avid fan of KPOP but I guess this might interest people here. A month ago I returned to Korea to reside with my sister and her husband in Seoul and met up with one of my friends (I won’t give her real name so I’ll refer to her as “Bona”). It had been almost 5 years since I had been in Korea so we obviously talked about how our lives had been since than and she had mentioned that she had been in a few relationships, none of them very longterm, one of them being with a male celebrity. Of course she would not give his name but I kept on nagging her so she finally admitted it was Kris from boygroup EXO.
Some of the pictures between them (well that he sent her):
pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5
“Bona” said that she met Kris through mutual friends (it was one of those friends-of-friends type of situations; a close childhood friend knew a someone who knew him) and that they dated sort of on-and-off for several months.
Pictures of them together when they first got together:
pic6 pic7
She said their relationship itself was always difficult to maintain, especially when he had people like Lin Xin Ya in his life (they did date long before “Bona” met him and she later found out that he still had her number so even though he denied that he kept in contact with her, “Bona” thinks they still did) and because he did keep in contact with other girls while they were dating (mostly Chinese girls as you can tell by the below picture).
Translation of the screenshot:
 *** The person is called rabbit on top of the messenger screen- ***
Kris: About 30 minutes
Bona: -Photo-
Bona: Husband, I took this picture just for you
Kris: (Heartface)
Bona: Do you like it

“Bona” said things started to change when he met Chinese actress/director in December (2013) and he began a campaign to be signed to her movie as he believed she could make him famous. My friend stated that Kris was absolutely sure that he would become a massive celebrity in China and was absolutely certain that becoming an actor would be much better for him money and popularity wise.
“Bona” said that he began to make plans for his lawsuit and by April, he had shown her letters of support from both his mother and 2 friends who were also with his company at some point in time that he would submit to court as his proof and had prepared everything for his departure (besides telling his group and manager since he did not feel like they would support his decision to leave and he didn’t want them to stop him). I don’t know much about his case but “Bona” said she did read one of the letters and the letter claimed that Lee Soo Man was like a “father figure” in the company who had promised him he would become famous, that after he left his group back in early 2013, he had to apologize to all the members and management in order to return, member Suho was made the leader of the whole group (Kris was still leader of EXO-M publicly) and he was treated differently because of his sudden departure.
My friend said that she didn’t involve herself too much in his professional life since she didn’t want him to stop his dreams but she did feel like he was playing a risky game with what he was trying achieve.
“Bona” said that Kris claimed in his case that he left due to family/personal problems back in early 2013 but she said that he admitted to her back in December when he had first met Xu Jing Lei that he had become frustrated and distressed about how EXO hadn’t becoming anything almost a year after their debut despite all their promoting and he had tried to leave in order to become free from SM and move on to become an actor in China (he had to return after he realized how difficult it would be). He complained to her the members were not trusting of him after he suddenly left (there was the issue of their comeback being delayed because of his departure) and that he had hoped that they would have understood his desire to go solo. “Bona” said that Kris, for whatever reason, was always the type who unconsciously put his feelings and desires first so when it came to the awkward relationship between him and his members following his return, he genuinely believed he was the one who should be pitied for not being able to leave and did not seem to understand his members feelings of betrayal with him. She said she was surprised that he didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong at all and did not take his position as leader to be someone who should put his group’s interests first. Instead his first reaction was to do whatever was the best in his interest.
Concerning EXO, “Bona” said she didn’t know them (she never met any of them personally) but Kris’s relationship with his members mostly consisted of his close relationship with Tao, however it had become strained after he originally left in April 2013 because Tao seemed to be the childlike type who really seemed to consider Kris like a brother and had taken it as a personal betrayal when he had left. Their relationship seemed to return back to normal and other than that, my friend didn’t notice anything substantial about his friendship with his other members.
She said he smoked and drank (the group management was always trying to stop him and some other members from drinking or smoking too much) but he was always in good health. Other than that, there was nothing else out of the ordinary about him: “Bona” said that he always planned his airport outfits out in advance (always taking pictures of his clothes to see what was most “stylish”) and that when they met up (or when he was with friends), he used to make sure to wear designer brands in case fans spotted him while he was out.
Finally, “Bona”said Kris was always the type who had bigger dreams for himself than EXO when it came to being a celebrity and making money (he really wanted to do everything and really seemed to believe that he deserved the best), so she was not at all surprised by his lawsuit or the fact that he finally has become an actor.
Source: OSEN and Onehallyu

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Top 10 Young Female Celebrities That Will Steal The Spotlight This Year



Almost every year, a small time celebrity is becoming a star after getting a main role in a box office movie or producing a bestselling album. Most of them are already working in Hollywood for a long time but they don’t get a lot of recognition but after an opportunity knocks on them, their popularity is surging to an unbelievable phase.
We made a list of the young notable female celebrities with the age of 25 and below that we need to watch out this year. Most of them are already well known but the others are still rising up to the top.

10) Chloë Grace Moretz

-2014 was a busy year for Chloë but most of all she surprised us in her drama movie “If I Stay”. She became so geogeus and a total sweetheart for everyone. The scary part is that she is only 17 yrs old. We may not see the best of her yet. You need to watch out for her upcoming project “November Criminals”, “Dark Places” and “The Fifth Wave”.
ELLE Style Awards

9) Lily Collins

-We first recognized the 25-yr-old actress in her 2009 film “The Blind Side”. Few years after, she is getting a lot of attention and getting main roles in movies such as “Abduction”, “Mirror Mirror”, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” and “Love Rossie”. This May 2015, Lily will be starring again in another romantic drama film “Untitled Warren Beauty project”.


8) Kristen Stewart

-Twilight Saga maybe already over and she took a year break in 2013 but we will be seeing more of her again in the next couple of years. The 24-yr-old actress has a lot of upcoming projects already such as “American Ultra” and “Equals” plus her new movie “Anesthesia” that has completed recently.


7) Ariana Grande

-The Nickelodeon star is all grown up and becoming prettier every year. For the last two years, the 21-yr-old Ariana is taking the world of entertainment by storm. Her second album “My Everything” is such a huge success and winning a lot of Awards.


6) Selena Gomez

-Selena is becoming more and more gorgeous each year and his relationship with Zedd and ex boyfriend Justin Bieber is becoming a hot topic in Hollywood. She may busy in her singing career but we will be seeing her in “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving”, “In Dubious Battle” and will voice Mavis again in  “Hotel Transylvania 2”.


5) Emma Watson

-The cute little girl in the movie Harry Potter is all grown up and turns into a beautiful young lady capable of different roles in big time movies. It’s going to be a busy year for Emma after the announcement that she is getting the role of Belle for the upcoming fairy tale movie “Beauty and the Beast”.


4) Taylor Swift

-The 25-yr old singer will be very busy promoting her album 1989 this year. She may change her country music songs to pop rock but the “Swifties” are always loyal to her.

3) Jennifer Lawrence

-J Lo gained a lot of recognition after playing as Katness Everdeen in the all time highest grossing action heroine film series “Hunger Games”. The 24-yr-old actress is the second-youngest Best Actress Oscar winner and this 2015, her movie titled “Serena” will be released in the US on the last week of February and the second part of “The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay”on the 20th of November.


2) Shailene Woodley

-2014 was a very successful year for the 23-yr-old actress Shailene. She did a magnifent job in the action movie series “The Divergent” and a movie drama that almost makes everyone cry “Fault In Our Stars”.The most waited second part of the Divergent titled Insurgent will be released this March.


1) Margot Robbie

-This beautiful Australian actress was already a big time actress in Australia but after she moved to United States, she worked her way up and winning the “Best Female Newcomer” at the Empire Awards after playing Naomi in the movie “The Wolf of Wallstreet”. She has a lot of upcoming projects this year and the following year such as “Focus”, “Suite Francaise”,” Z for Zachariah”, “Tarzan” and “Suicide Squad”.