Friday, February 27, 2015

You Never Would Have Guessed These 8 Cheerful Idols Suffered From Severe Depression


The K-Pop industry is filled with wonder and glamour but having to look perfect 24/7 takes a toll on the idols at times.
1. G Dragon (Big Bang)
G Dragon is known for his charisma and his impossible swag.
gdragonBut inside all that awesomeness he is still an impressionable young man. He confessed on TV that after his single “Heart Breaker” was under fire for plagiarism, he avoided everyone including his parents and friends and said, “I had done nothing wrong but I felt like a criminal. I was depressed for a long time.”
2. Suzy (Miss A)
The nation’s first love, Suzy, in another person’s eye may appear to another person to have the perfect life. She has beauty, fame, money and the love of an entire nation.

Surprising however, she confessed on TV in 2013 that she suffered from a sever case of depression. She said, “I have something like depression and I couldn’t tell anyone for a while. I even began to think I couldn’t last another day. One day I was chatting with my friend and laughing at a joke and all of a sudden I began crying.”
3. Jo Kwon (2AM)
The happy virus of K-Pop, Jo Kwon! He’s always brings laughter and joy to where ever he appears.
jokwon 2Fans however, may be surprised to find out that Jo Kown during his trainee days suffered from severe depression during the 8 years he spent as a trainee. I’m glad he didn’t give up because of the depression.
4. Lizzy (After School)
When you think Lizzy of After School, you think bright smiles and cute dialect. However she confesses that she also suffered from depression.
lizzyWhen “Running Man” first started, Lizzy was a fixed member. However, after taking her leave of Running Man she stated she suffered from depression after media reported that she had never been a member but only a guest.
5. T.O.P (Big Bang)
In 2008, T.O.P was reported to have suffered from anxiety attacks as well as depression.
6. Baro (B1A4)
Baro stated that he became so attached to the cast of “Return 1994″ that after the show had ended, he fell into depression at the notion that he would not be able to see them anymore due to the fact that they all had busy schedules.
7. Jinwoon (2AM)
Jinwoon of 2AM said, after 2AM’s US tour, he fell into depression. He couldn’t sleep properly for a month and he wanted to be left alone.
8. Heechul (Super Junior)
After Hankyung abrutly left Super Junior, Heechul who was his closest friend fell into deep depression. He shut himself in and didn’t appear on stage for nearly three months. He said Eunhyuk snapped him out of him saying, “Hyung we don’t need you for your singing or your dancing but we need you because without you Super Junior isn’t the same.”

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