Monday, February 07, 2011

Jung YongHwa’s Ideal Woman is Juri

But if you think its comedian Jung Juri, well you might want to think again.

On the recent SBS radio show ‘Choi HwaJung’s Power Time’, CN Blue made a guest appearance where they talked about romance and relationships. According to the members, MinHyuk andYongHwa are most likely to have a successful relationship.

But what do these guys look for in their ideal woman anyway?

In response to the question, CN Blue’s lead vocalist, Jung YongHwa answered that he “lovesSNSD’s SeoHyun” – his make-believe wife on the MBC variety show We Got Married, but YongHwa made an additional remark saying that “she [SeoHyun] has a good personality. But these days I am into watching the Japanese drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’ and I really love Ueno Juri who appears in the show.”

Uh-oh! Looks like SeoHyun isn’t the only one in YongHwa’s heart.

In addition, YongHwa’s bandmates also revealed their ideal types. Drummer Kang MinHyuk confessed that he likes a woman with short or long straight hair that looks good wearing a baseballcap. Hmm, who could it be?

Bass player JungShin said that his ideal woman is the one with fair skin and looks great in skinny jeans, while guitarist JongHyun picked Korean actress Son YeJin as his ideal woman and adds that he like girls that are funny, easy to talk to and look good in a white shirt and jeans.

Indeed, simplicity is beauty. Any guess on MinHyuk and JungShin’s ideal women?

Source: Kang SeungHun

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