Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 14

It’s the last week!! I was sad, but after this episode, I’m not that sad. I think it’s commendable that the actors have really made this series more interesting than the story presents itself to be. The weaknesses in the writing are far more blatant now, especially with the musical and obstacles all resolved now. What are our characters going to do now?!

So we all need a little explanation on what transpired before the performance, and something to explain those tears on Kyu-won’s face as she sang the final song. Turns out she had called Hee-joo to come. Hee-joo didn’t want to go initially because she’d be too sad to see Kyu-won onstage, but Kyu-won dragged her anyways.

Kyu-won’s father is the first to recognize his daughter’s voice singing, despite seeing Hee-joo onstage. Hee-joo’s mother marvels at her daughter “bringing the house down,” while Yoon-su flashes a knowing smile to Seok-hyun. He totally knew this was going to happen right?

Backstage, tears stream down Kyu-won’s face as she wishes she were out there; onstage, Hee-joo is tearing up as well, all to aware of this deception. But despite their emotions, Kyu-won sings with more passion than ever as she brings the musical to its conclusion.

The audience cheers; the cast bows. Kyu-won can only hear it, but not see it. Shin takes off his guitar and goes straight backstage to his girlfriend. “Even though you didn’t stand onstage, you are the best lead actress to me.”And he embraces her so that she can let out all of her tears.

After-party at Catharsis! The Three Angry Girls fawn over Ki-young because they were so shocked at seeing his delicious abs. (Heck, you gals weren’t the only ones.) They want Ki-young to do it again, and Soo-myung scowls at them. Oh, so you jealous now eh? Because Sa-rang is no longer chasing after you, eh?

Seok-hyun approaches his leading ladies, shocked that they kept this from him. (So he didn’t know!!) He ruffles their hair, much to both their annoyances. Don’t guys know that girls don’t like their hair being touched?! When he goes away, Hee-joo fondly helps Kyu-won fix a stray hair, and Kyu-won does it right back. Aw – they’re friends.

Hee-joo is about to leave when suddenly her mom enters with reporters. Ick. She showers her daughter with love and praise, and the reporters ask how she managed to sing so soon after her surgery. But Hee-joo says she didn’t sing – it was Kyu-won’s voice.

Mother’s jaw drops. Me? “HELLS YEAH – IN YOUR FACE!” The reporters? They start snapping pictures of Kyu-won.

Back at home, Mother is pissed at Hee-joo for admitting to lip-syncing. She managed to stop the articles from being published in time, but now that she’s realized she can no longer control Hee-joo, Mother turns her attention to the younger-sister-who-magically-appears. The sister is on the chubby side, so Mother immediately puts her on a strict diet and signs her up for ballet classes.

Someone’s life is going to turn into hell.

Shin walks Kyu-won home, and she frets that Grandpa might be really angry with her. But no calls means good news right? Wrong – Grandpa is really mad at her for not being the lead actress onstage, and for neglecting her practices for the traditional music competition that’s occurring in a week. He wants her to win 1st place, and she must start practicing tonight. (Side note: I love how Kyu-won and her father lean across the table, anticipating what Grandpa is going to say, and then lean back together when Grandpa starts spitting angry words at his granddaughter.)

Well, at least Kyu-won has a new phone charm to cheer her up; she and Shin traded their teddy bears.

The next day, Hee-joo is in the hospital, now about to get her surgery. Her mom and Jun-hee are there to comfort her, although it’s more like Jun-hee-interrupts-the mother-every-time-she’s-about-to-speak. Hee! Serves you right! But Jun-hee is adorably supportive, so the mother doesn’t hate him that much. She even suddenly becomes clear-headed, and realizes that her pushing Hee-joo caused this condition.

The Chancellor is pleased with Seok-hyun and the performance, but Seok-hyun turns down his offer to stay and teach. He’ll just take a break – with Yoon-su. Meanwhile, Young-min bugs Tae-joon about getting yelled at by Hee-joo’s mother. It’s a sore point for Tae-joon, because he’s getting blamed for everything even though Hee-joo did appear onstage. He sends Young-min out, but then Young-min drops a bomb: did Tae-joon know that Seok-hyun is leaving?

The sunniest smile lands on Tae-joon’s face, and he quickly offers to treat Young-min to coffee.

Now that Seok-hyun’s a free agent, the musical producer from before makes his offer again. Seok-hyun decides to seriously consider it, and the producer then adds that he wants to make a new album with Windflowers and The Stupid, with Kyu-won as the lead singer. He really enjoyed their songs at the musical, so Seok-hyun contacts all the band members.

Shin and Kyu-won are on an ice cream date – since she’s not progressing very much in her gayageum practice. He frosts her nose with whipped cream, but when she tries to get back at him, it ends up on his shirt! Time to buy her boyfriend a new shirt!

She’s perusing the store for a good shirt (though Shin confidently says he can wear anything and make it look good), when they’re contacted by their band members. They all head to the school, and they meet Seok-hyun and the music producer. Everyone’s absolutely excited about making an album, although Kyu-won is a little less sure. This project would definitely pit her against her grandfather again.

Afterwards, Seok-hyun contacts Yoon-su, wanting to go over to her place that night. She’s embarrassed because she has no food in her house, but he offers to pick it up. That’s because… he’s going to propose! But he needs Soo-myung and Ki-young to help make it special; he gives them his credit card and a license to spend an unlimited amount to make it perfect.

The Windflowers and The Stupid all decide to practice on the ending song a bit before presenting it to the music producer again. But during practice, Grandpa calls, wondering why Kyu-won isn’t home yet. Everyone freezes in silence as she answers her phone, but Jun-hee air drums a little too fervently and accidentally hits the cymbals.

Kyu-won blames it on someone dropping a gong, but Grandpa doesn’t really believe her. He catches her red-handed later that night, and in front of everyone, drags her home. He forces his granddaughter to play the gayageum in front of him; from now on she will practice from home.

That evening, Seok-hyun arrives at Yoon-su’s empty-handed, mainly because he had relied on Soo-myung and Ki-young to deliver the food! (Along with roses and balloons and the whole nine yards.) Thing is, Soo-myung’s crappy car finally breaks down on him! Great timing, eh?

Seok-hyun and Yoon-su are forced to eat ramen for dinner, and when Seok-hyun goes to get the boiling water, he accidentally leaves the ring box in his seat. Yoon-su sees it and opens it with a smile.

Now the cat is out of the bag, Seok-hyun sheepishly admits that he had this whole fancy event planned, but Soo-myung’s car ruined it all. She promises to pretend she never saw it, but Seok-hyun pouts.

They reminisce of the past, back to when Seok-hyun’s song won her over back in college. So he sings to her again, and he ends the song on his knees, proposing to her. She accepts. Hip-hip hooray!

Back at the practice room, Shin gets a call from the producer asking to change their recording session from Tuesday to Wednesday. He accepts without realizing that Kyu-won’s traditional music competition is on Wednesday. Operation Conflict has now been created!

With his mother’s help, Shin manages to meet Kyu-won’s father. He wants the father’s help to get Kyu-won away from her grandfather, since they need her to sing lead. He promises to do all he can – although “all he can” might not be enough.

When her father arrives home, he tries to reason with Grandpa about letting Kyu-won do what she wants in her life. Forcing her down the path of traditional music is not fair for her. Grandpa points out that he had done “whatever he wanted” by playing western music, and he didn’t end up all too successful now, did he? What’s more shocking is that Kyu-won is willing to continue with traditional music; she’ll make her decision after thinking about it, but doesn’t want her father and Grandpa fighting.

The next day, Kyu-won arrives at the practice room bearing bad news. She withdraws from the album, partly because she’s afraid Grandpa will get sick from all this. She makes them promise to make the album anyways. Instead of being disappointed, Shin supports her no matter what her decision is. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to be a little sad that she’s not around. Instead of practicing the ending song, they all practice their Carmen medley, as it doesn’t require a singer.

The Three Angry Girls, Soo-myung, and Ki-young visit Jun-hee and Hee-joo at the hospital. They’re flabbergasted at his utter devotion to her (Ki-young looks a little disgusted) because Jun-hee knows how to interpret Hee-joo’s every command. Because Jun-hee had to take care of his sickly mother, he knows how to nurse people back to health. Even Hee-joo’s mother trusts him now.

Because Princess Hee-joo needs sleep, everyone has to leave her room. Sa-rang is so pissed off that Hee-joo gets such royal treatment and wails that she must have been a traitor in her past life. Feeling a little sorry, Soo-myung asks her out on a date to watch a play. Well that perks her up! Unfortunately, her two minions overhear and want to go too! But Soo-myung doesn’t have to worry – they’ll pay for their own tickets.

Ki-young: “Looks like it’ll be hard for you to date Sa-rang until they all get boyfriends.” Hee.

Soo-myung: “Aren’t you lonely?” Ki-young stops smiling.

Kyu-won tunes up in the waiting area, dressed in a hanbok. However, all she can think about is being onstage and singing, practicing and performing for the musical. Her grandfather and father are there to support her, and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. But outside, Shin is there too! He’s there because he wants to give her one more chance – a last minute dash to the studio to go and perform with the bands. Even though he keeps saying that he’ll support her decision no matter what, he clearly wants her to record with them, and he knows she wants it too.

And dash away they go! Operation Conflict resolved.

Using Shin’s phone, she speaks to Grandpa, asking for forgiveness. She’ll receive the punishment later, but right now she has to go! (How many times is this already, three?!) However, she trips on her hanbok and falls on Shin. He slams his wrist on the ground, but doesn’t think much of it.

They reach the studio in the nick of time and record the song together. The wrist bothers Shin a bit, but he pretends it’s nothing to Kyu-won. It does affect his playing though, which his bandmates notice.

After the recording session, Shin’s hand is swelling up, but he pretends it’s ok. He takes her home, where Kyu-won then gets chewed out by her Grandpa. Grandpa kicks her out, and so she’s now forced to stay with her friends. Dad gets a better idea – she can stay in Shin’s house! Hehehehehehehe…..

Shin’s mother has to leave for work, and Jung-hyun heads off to tutoring class, so Kyu-won is left waiting alone for Shin. He’s late because he stopped by a pharmacy for a patch first, so he’s absolutely surprised to see her over after getting kicked out. He doesn’t want her to cook as she’s a guest, so he makes a special meal for her – ramen!

Afterwards, he shows her his room, and puts on a record. It’s his father’s. Shin offers it to Kyu-won; he’s listened to it so many times that he feels like he’s being influenced by his father’s style rather than developing his own. When he becomes a great guitarist, she can give it back to him.

He leans in to kiss her… and Jung-hyun interrupts! Gah – she has impeccable timing like Bo-woon. Kyu-won runs out, all embarrassed, and Shin chases after her. She resolves to move to Bo-woon’s the next day; after all, how can she face Jung-hyun now!? Plus, at Bo-woon’s she can concentrate on practicing gayageum; the reason why she wants to continue with it is because she can see her future more clearly. Musicals provide a more uncertain future, but since they’re all young she’s willing to give it a go as well.

The following day, The Stupid and the Windflowers go to the studio to meet the producer’s boss, who was also at the recording session. They won’t sign the bands on for a recording contract; the kids were good, but not that good. However, he offers a contract to Kyu-won as a solo singer. She would have to travel abroad and work hard. Everyone’s amazed but happy for her.

Kyu-won discusses it with Shin, unsure if she should take on the project. Shin thinks she should take the opportunity; she got kicked out of her house for this, and he knows that they’ll still be together. That’s enough to ease her worries.

Jung-hyun stops by Grandpa’s place to drop off a gift from her mother. She is actually interested in the folk songs he’s playing on the small radio and Grandpa offers to teach her for free. After all, the Great Lee Dong Jin doesn’t teach just anybody. Looks like he’s got a new protegee to control!

It’s also why he easily accepts Kyu-won of signing on for a record deal. As long as she’s the best singer out there, it’s all good!

Kyu-won shares the good news with Yoon-su and Seok-hyun, and of course the director gloats that it’s all because of him that she now has this opportunity. Therefore, she ought to repay with more than just a “thanks.” Even Yoon-su agrees that a mere thank you is too cheap! Seok-hyun has grand ideas that perhaps in the future they can all collaborate on another project.

Shin practices the guitar before his gig at Catharsis, but his wrist is impeding his playing. He goes to visit the doctor, who wants to get it examined. Shin is reluctant to play that evening, but when Kyu-won arrives with Yoon-su and Seok-hyun, he decides to do it anyways. After all, he needs to pretend nothing’s wrong in front of her.

Pain is written all over his face in the opening notes of the song, and finally Shin can’t handle it anymore. He grabs his wrist painfully and falls to the ground.


Honestly, I liked this episode, but I was also disappointed by it. There’s no more tension in the drama because everyone gets their happy endings. Hee-joo’s mother and Grandpa both get new protegees to focus all their bothersome meddling onto. Seok-hyun and Yoon-su get a happy ending. Hee-joo and Kyu-won have made their peace. And Kyu-won gets a recording deal.

I mean, could things get any better for these characters? And I would have included that whole “kicking out of the house” a good thing because I wouldn’t be able to live with such a grandfather. I would rejoice!

Shin’s broken wrist is not that shocking to me because his new inability to achieve his dreams felt a bit tacked on. I understand that on a narrative basis it’s intriguing (his girlfriend gets to achieve a dream she never thought possible, while he is now a fallen star. It’s the Yoon-su/Seok-hyun situation but gender-opposite), but it doesn’t make it that much more poignant for me. Perhaps seeing him less supportive about Kyu-won going away would have been a more interesting conflict, because he’s always so supportive. Though it would have made Shin stereotypically domineering, it would have made him a little more flawed, and a little more interesting.

Overall this episode felt tonally bland. Everyone’s going through the motions because most of the characters didn’t really change. Everyone is acting exactly how I expected them to act in the face of all these “problems.” Every problem is getting a shallow treatment, and while it makes for a fast and light episode, it also makes it insanely predictable and, again, not poignant. I guess this is what happens when all the problems are resolved a week early.

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