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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 7

Hello everyone! It’s me again, kaedejun. Girlfriday and Javabeans were sufficiently warned to keep their hands off of Kang Min Hyuk, even though we’re all cougars to that cute little drummer boy. I hope you’re all not too disappointed!

This will be the recap for the week for this series, as episode 8 did not air. However, painfully, this episode doesn’t really ease my nerves. It just makes me anticipate the next episode even more!


F.T. Island - 꼭은 아니더라도 [download]

You hear that shattering of glass into tiny little pieces? That’s Kyu-won’s heart, and she walks home in a daze, letting herself get soaked to the bone. Kyu-won is angry at herself for feeling this way, and at Shin. It’s not like she ever wanted to comfort him!! (Well then girlie, you shouldn’t have fallen for him!)

Kyu-won and Shin arrive at home completely drenched. At least Grandpa doesn’t give her too much crap about wetting the floorboards or something. As for Shin, his mother’s tiptoeing around him, afraid of how he must feel about his father’s death. Shin wants to know what she must have seen in his father for her to leave her boyfriend. “He disappeared once he picked up his guitar,” she notes. So… you liked your ex-hubby for his music, nothing else? She adds that Shin is exactly the same as his father. She has no regrets though, because that short lived relationship produced Shin.

The next day at school, Shin brings an umbrella over to Yoon-su’s office. Seok-hyun catches him there, but he has no harsh words – he’s heard about Shin’s father’s passing. Instead of wanting to give the umbrella face to face, he hands it off to Seok-hyun: “Take care of her well, please.” YAY! Shin is over Mopey Ballerina Girl!

Kyu-won’s friends catch up with Shin, wondering if he saw Kyu-won last night. He didn’t, but he finds out that she’s home sick because of the rain. He overhears them walking away, talking about “the necklace.” Before he can do anything, he’s called away by one of the professors in charge of the musical as well.

Professor Hong wants Shin to help remix a song to perform with the Windflowers. She has faith that he can remix songs well, and it would help him for his portfolio. Of course he rises to the challenge.

When he gets home at night, his sister wants to make Kyu-won make some food for them. He tells her to stop treating Kyu-won like a slave, since their deal is over. Aww – he’s defending her.

Kyu-won goes back to school feeling better but not completely 100%. Her friends think that the necklace she found was hers, but she doesn’t reveal who it belongs to. Rather, she catches Shin in the park and hands the necklace back to him.

Kyu-won: I’ve decided to do what you told me to do. I won’t care about who you like, or how much your heart hurts because of it. I’ll stop liking you from now on.

Whoa, WHAT!? How did we get to the point of confession?! I wasn’t even aware that Shin really knew her feelings. She ends with sending her condolences for his father, and then leaves – probably hoping to not have to interact with him in the future again.

She walks away, bumping into Seok-hyun in the process. He invites her to coffee (in which she pours tons of liquid sugar) to ask if she’s interested in auditioning for the main actress role. He doesn’t have much faith in her since she’ll be going up against Hee-joo, but since she’s here, might as well go for it? He uses really weird reverse psychology, but hey – it works! The theme for the songs in the audition is “love.”

Tae-joon isn’t too thrilled about having an audition for the main actress, but he’s determined to make sure that Hee-joo wins. If she does so, then when he steals her away for his show, Seok-hyun’s will collapse. Meanwhile, Hee-joo warns Ki-young outside of school that he better not run away and ruin her performance again. Ki-young: “You being such a brat looked good, once upon a time.” That’s right – Hee-joo, you’re not five anymore. Cutely enough, Jun-hee appears behind her, afraid that she’s cheating on him.

Kyu-won is called over to meet with Professor Hong. Shin is having some trouble putting in the right emotions as he isn’t familiar with traditional music, so she called Kyu-won over to help tutor him. Heh – more forced situations to be together!

She tells Shin that she’s OK being near him – after all they do have practices together for the play – and warns him that she’s all serious when it comes to traditional music. Yeah, sure – if only she could go in the right direction to the library.

She hands Shin a pile of books that keep getting higher and higher, noting that every book she picks up is “essential” to learning about the right emotions and traditional music. Shin grumbles that she must be exacting revenge upon him right now.

The other Windflowers are super excited at the prospect of working closely with The Stupid, and they dab on some makeup before heading to practice. It’s a nice fusion of electric guitars and gayageum, and at one point, Kyu-won pauses to look at Shin. He catches her looking, and she gives him a smile before continuing. But Shin can’t help but look at her every so often. Sparks! Sparks!

Kyu-won meets her father outside of school, as he’s come for a visit, and she confesses that she really wants to audition for the role of lead actress. Her father’s all for it, and even guides her on what songs she could pick. Love isn’t just about sounding nice, but could also be pain, or hatred, or heartbreak. He does tell her to beware of Grandpa though.

As Shin practices next door, Kyu-won searches for the right song for her audition. She also hides all materials relating to the musical around her room in case Grandpa comes into her room.

After the next practice between The Stupid and Windflowers, Jun-hee suggests they all grab a bite to eat. Kyu-won initially declines, saying that she needs to take care of her grandfather, and Shin immediately says he has to leave. However with much prodding from her friends, Kyu-won is convinced to go. They all pass by Shin unlocking his bike, and he pouts – he thought Kyu-won wasn’t going!

So he tags along. Kid – you’re so subtle about who you like!

They all head over to a barbecue place for some grilled meat and beer. Shin just watches as Kyu-won drinks and stuffs her mouth with food. Her excuse is that because she was sick, she feels even hungrier. He warns her to eat carefully, and even steals the piece of meat she was going to grab. Dude – stop getting in between a girl and her meat! Jun-hee even offers her a wrap, which stuns his bandmates; Jun-hee never gives his food away!

Hee – my Kang Min Hyuk is just too sweet.

Karaoke time! All of them have a thrilling time, singing and dancing, while Shin just grumpily watches on. Really – no one is asking you to stay… He then sees Kyu-won turn green, and she rushes to the bathroom to throw up. All that eating and then dancing has made her feel queasy. Shin comes into her stall and starts patting her back, gloating a little bit in that “I told you so!” moment. He tells her to stop pretending that she’s OK if she’s really not, and Kyu-won sheepishly nods.

He walks her to the bus stop, as the fresh air helps her. He wishes her luck for the audition tomorrow, but Kyu-won is OK if she doesn’t win the main role. For her, just being a part of this performance has reinvigorated her love for music and the gayageum, which she was already getting quite sick of. It’s the opportunity to do something that excites her, not necessarily the role.

The bus arrives, and Kyu-won bids him farewell. But rather than taking his bike, he joins her on the bus as well, saying that he just “wants to take a bus once in a while.” Pfft.

Back at home, Grandpa is doing the laundry, since Kyu-won was sick. As he brings her clothes to her room, he looks around her room, going over to her numerous plaques. He knocks one aside, and a program for the performance drops out from behind. He starts fishing through her room and discovers all these papers and music sheets associated with that performance. UH-OH.

Kyu-won arrives home begging for forgiveness. He had thrown all of her music and programs out the front door, which Shin picks up. He overhears Grandpa yelling at his granddaughter for betraying him, and Kyu-won insisting that she wants to do the musical no matter what.

The next morning, the board president has Seok-hyun do an impromptu interview with the reporters. Tae-joon is none too pleased about the attention Seok-hyun is getting, and becomes more adamant than ever that he get Hee Joo for his performance. Seok-hyun announces to the reporters that they will be holding auditions for the lead actress, and that all of them are invited to come and watch.

Unfortunately, it looks to be a one-woman performance as Kyu-won is currently locked into her room. Grandpa is not going to let her out at all, and he took her phone already. Her absence actually worries her friends, who called but only heard Grandpa on the other end. A bunch of people are placing bets, and the Three Angry Girls who bullies Kyu-won actually want her to win. But when they hear that she might not be coming, they switch their bets to Hee-joo.

One of the bandmembers from The Stupid overhears this problem and reports back to everyone else, which of course sends Shin running for his bike. At the same time, Soo-myung informs Seok-hyun that Kyu-won is trapped at home. He too runs for his car. Now we have two men chasing after Kyu-won!

Seok-hyun gets their first, but he can’t even reason with Grandpa to get through the front door. Shut out, he dejectedly heads back to the school. Shin arrives just in time – just twenty minutes before the time of the audition – and gets his sister to do a little something for him…

Jung-hyun heads inside the house to ask for Grandpa’s help in explaining some rules of baduk. She keeps asking questions, so Grandpa goes to get the set from another room. Immediately, Jung-hyun unlocks the door and tells Kyu-won to run. She gets on Shin’s bike – surprised to see him there – and they race to school. Grandpa is all angry that she actually escaped, while Jung-hyun is happy she’s now 10 bucks richer. Kyu-won is super thankful towards Shin, but this act of kindness isn’t going to help her forget him anytime sooner.

Hee-joo performs spectacularly well for her audition, although it’s a little bland for my taste. Tae-joon is ready to leave after Hee-joo’s performance when suddenly Kyu-won bursts through the doors. Seok-hyun smiles proudly at seeing her show up.

And of all songs to sing, Kyu-won chooses C.N. Blue’s “I Will Forget You” as her audition song. (English version is “Teardrops in the Rain.”) Wow… Kyu-won evokes such emotion that she even cries during her performance, and she moves everyone in the room. It’s not technically good, but it’s moving. Shin even comes in, watching her in wonder. Yeap – he’s fallen for her.

The votes are cast in a ballot, and Seok-hyun counts them out. Out of all 8 judges, the winner won 6-2. It’s Hee-joo.


Tae-joon gives her a standing applause as the reporters flash their cameras. But despite Hee-joo’s gleeful moment, all of the students watching from behind rush up to Kyu-won and congratulate her. The difference between the two is so disparate, where Hee-joo has no friends to congratulate her, whereas the “loser” Kyu-won has the support of all her friends. Even Three Angry Girls don’t feel good about winning their bets placed on Hee-joo.

Seok-hyun is disappointed, but he concedes to Yoon-su that Kyu-won’s singing wasn’t as good as Hee-joo’s. Yoon-su reminds him that they have a date, and he promises to meet her there.

Outside of school, the friends all want to go celebrate. Seok-hyun comes out and stops Kyu-won for a moment. He’s glad she showed up for the audition, but… she lost him $10!! Kyu-won: “But you said I was going to lose anyways!” He ruffles her hair in frustration: “But I didn’t think you really would!”

Shin arrives at that moment to remind her to go home – she has Grandpa to deal with. Seok-hyun smiles wryly – who’s Shin all of a sudden? Kyu-won’s manager? Shin offers to give Kyu-won a ride, but she rejects it. After all, being in more close proximity to him isn’t going to help at all. Seok-hyun offers to drive her home instead; as the director of the performance he might be able to smooth things over with the grandfather better. Kyu-won accepts the offer.

Shin stares moodily. Once again, he’s lost another girl to Seok-hyun.


First off – I’m still giddy over the use of “Teardrops in the Rain.” Not necessarily my favorite C.N. Blue song, but certainly quite a nice ballad. Its instrumental track was used as well, and I couldn’t help but pay more attention to the song than the particular scene it accompanied.

I didn’t expect Hee-joo to win the audition, as I really wanted her to lose and knock a couple of pegs off her podium. It’s interesting though because now she’ll be acting opposite Ki-young in the musical, and I think Ki-young is the only one who can really bring her down from her lofty self-centeredness. Plus, I still get that feeling that she likes Ki-young, but doesn’t really know it yet.

While I was afraid that this episode was going to veer into angst world, I’m glad it didn’t. Kyu-won quickly realized that she can’t mope over Shin anymore. I actually never really understood how she reached the point of falling for him, as she denied it for so long, but I guess closeness breeds affinity, which can then turn to a crush. I’m glad she’s working hard to not be associated with him all the time. It’s brave of her, especially for someone who first had the crush. It also makes it that much sweeter when Shin starts to realize a growing attraction for her. I also prefer bright and happy Kyu-won, and jealous, moody Shin, only because it makes their interactions that much funnier. Everything he did was so childish – he was clearly doing things just so he could spend more time with her, even if he wasn’t really doing anything with her.

But poor Shin – he really just can’t beat the awesome Song Chang Ui. In anything.

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