Thursday, March 10, 2011

h1 The #1 Popular Photo Search is… April 25, 2009


Newbie female group, “2NE1′s” Sandara Park’s (aka Phillipines’ BoA) photo together with a Phillipine-male celebrity had been a big hot issue on the net. The photos titled, “Sandara Park’s Phillipino Boyfriend” the pics have been in the center of attention. The male, seemed to be an actor “Hero Angeles” and had won 1st place in a show called “Star Circle Quest 2004″ and had debuted from there. The past 2004 had also allowed Sandara to debut winning 2nd place and now she is flying off the charts, not only in Korea.

Sandara’s entertainment group, YG Entertainment on the 22nd revealed that the photo’s were from her ‘activity’ as a celebrity on the Phillipinnes version of “We Got Married” and had opened up her acting skills in illusioning the audience with the sight of them as a couple.

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