Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yonghwa and Seohyun have fun in the studio

During MBC’s We Got Married, the Jung Yonghwa - Seohyun couple attracted attention with their amazing harmony.

Jung Yonghwa asked Seohyun to play the piano while they were relaxing at Yonghwa’s studio. Seohyun is known for her piano playing skills, but she usually plays classical Beethoven-esque pieces.

Instead, Jung Yonghwa gave her sheet music to his favorite song ever, Falling Slowly from the Once OST. While he played guitar and sang, Seohyun played along on the piano and harmonized her voice with his.

After a truly beautiful performance, the couple went out to buy Seohyun a guitar. They went to multiple stores and surprisingly two of them offered Seohyun hot pink guitars. The couple had fun experimenting with the instruments that they played in elementary school; Yonghwa with his ear splitting Clarinet and Seohyun with her awkward violin. They eventually decided on buying a mini guitar as the store owner laid down a smooth line saying, “This is the first time a customer has been prettier than the guitar.”

They also played Chopsticks and Cat Dance together on the piano. Yonghwa played the simple melody while Seohyun played a fun accompanying part.

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