Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Super Junior selected as 2011 honorary ambassadors for Korean cuisine

The boys of Super Junior were officially appointed as 2011’s honorary ambassadors for Korean cuisine.

They attended a special event at the Gwacheon Government Complex on March 3rd, through which the members revealed their very own ‘Super Junior bibimbap’ menu!

Known to be Korean cuisine fanatics, members Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, and Yesung personally created special menus for the event, which was comprised of ‘Teuk Fire Bibimbap (Leeteuk: bulgogi bibimbap),’ ‘Samgyupsal Is My Life (Shindong: samgyupsal bibimbap),’ ‘The Taste of My Hometown Hoengseong (Heechul: beef bibimbap),’ ‘For My Six Pack (Yesung: chicken breast bibimbap).’

Minister Yoo commented, “I’m looking forward to the way Super Junior will be using their various charms in hand with the Hallyu wave to promote Korean cuisine all over the world. Super Junior is much like bibimbap, as all different charms come together to express one amazing taste.”

Super Junior stated, “It’s an honor to be selected as honorary ambassadors for Korean cuisine. We’ll be working our hardest in promoting it while we work overseas.”

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