Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yonghwa’s childhood friends reveal his old photos on “We Got Married”

SNSD’s Seohyun got a delightful surprise from her husband’s friends when they decided to whip out Yonghwa’s old photos (much to Yonghwa’s embarrassment).

The January 29th episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” continued with the couple’s Busan saga, in which they meet up with Yonghwa’s childhood friends.

After revealing that they had a surprise gift for Seohyun, his friends brought out a couple of pictures from Yonghwa’s high school career, most of which showed off his unique fashion sense and youthful looks. Seohyun was overjoyed at their gift and expressed her awe with each new picture, even pointing out the past images of Yonghwa’s friends.

His friends then presented the couple with matching couple t-shirts. Seohyun responded to the gifts by giving her impression of Yonghwa’s personality and confirming that Yonghwa had an ‘child-like mindset’ because he gets angry often, but makes up on his own shortly after.

After making it back to their home, Yonghwa prepared a special breakfast on his own for Seohyun, who only slept a few hours the night before because of her Japanese activities.

Yonghwa concluded that the only thing he could do for her was to “cook her food,” and resolved to make his favorite dish - bulgogi over rice.

He carefully brought in the completed dish to her bedroom and romantically whispered her name to wake her up. Seohyun enjoyed the fruits of her husband’s effort and complimented him by saying that it was delicious.

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