Sunday, September 28, 2014

2PM’s Nichkhun takes adorable couple selca with his girlfriend…Tiffany???


2PM’s Nichkhun finally gives his fans the couple selca we have all been waiting for!
Nichkhun recently updated his Twitter account with the post, “Everyone, the couple selca you have been waiting for~~ ♡♡♡ kukukukuku,” and revealed a photo of himself and his girlfriend…Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany?
In a hilarious joke to his fans, Nichkhun takes a couple selca with 2PM’s Chansung wearing a woman’s long haired wig, curled to resemble Tiffany’s current hairstyle. 
Chansung tweeted with his own response, “Kukukukuku, the mobile having difficulty [processing the photo] kukukukukuku.”
It seems Nichkhun is well aware of how much fans are looking forward to a real couple selca of himself and Tiffany following the recent trending topic of Nichkhun giving a thumbs up of congratulations to his girlfriend for her group winning their first #1 on Mnet M! Countdown earlier this week.
Nichkhun, wrong Hwang girlfriend. What a tease.

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