Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Netizens react to Jessica leaving Girls’ Generation

In the midst of hearing the shocking news about Jessica officially leaving Girls’ Generation to promote her solo activities, netizens have been reacting to this breaking news.
Article: SM Entertainment announces, “Jessica to leave the group… Girls’ Generation to promote as 8 members.”
Source: Sports Dongah
1. So, to clear things up… it seems like Jessica told them that she would release and promote one more album before disbanding from the group, but while SM was telling her no and trying to stop her from leaving, she kept focusing on her own business and hanging out with her boyfriend, so now they’re just kind of like, “Okay, just leave now”?
2. I guess Jessica was planning on releasing one last album before retiring and getting married.. but then the agency wasn’t allowing it, but since she went ahead and launched her own business in the middle of the whole situation, chaos just erupted.
3. So basically, Jessica told SM that she wanted to leave after releasing one last album, but SM was just like “Well if you’re going to be like that, then just get out now”… Jessica was planning to use Girls’ Generation as a brand booster since her business isn’t stable enough yet, but now she just got stabbed in the back…
Article: SM Entertainment states, “Jessica suggested leaving the group… due to personal reasons.”
Source: Osen
1. Look at the second sentence.
Jessica: “I have my own personal reasons, so I’ll just only do one more album.”
SM: “If you’re going to do things that way, then just get out this instance. Bye.”
2. So if it’s due to personal reasons, then I wonder if it’s marriage we’re talking about here??
3. Then why is Jessica cosplaying on her Weibo as if she’s the victim?
Article: Krystal cries on “Jessica & Krystal” show, begging her sister not to get married anytime soon.

Source: Daily Korea
1.  If Jessica re-signed with SM, then it’s only right for her to wait until the new contract is over to get married.
2. It seems like Jessica’s going to have to make a wise decision or else it’s just going to be really awkward and embarrassing for Krystal.
3. Judging by her younger sister’s reaction and all of Jessica’s acquaintances, it seems like everyone around her is trying to stop her from getting married for some reason.
What are your thoughts on Jessica’s leave from the group?

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