Sunday, September 28, 2014

MAD TOWN’s four remaining members’ profile revealed!

J.Tune Camp introduced 3 members of their upcoming 7-member boy group, Mad Town, which includes their previously debuted rapper unit Pro C.

The agency opened an official fan cafe for the group on the 25th with profiles of 3 members. The profiles show leader Moos (part of Pro C), main dancer Daewon, and main vocalist Lee Geon. The other members will be introduced on the 26th.

Their agency rep stated, "We are thankful for the interest in MAD TOWN... We ask that you look forward to their official debut on broadcast."

Their name, Mad Town, signifies the gathering of 7 bad boys who have passion, are carefree, love music, and know how to play. They are set to make their debut early October.

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