Sunday, September 28, 2014

UNIQ Releases 6th Video Teaser Ft. Wong Yibo and Kim Sungjoo

After introducing the members for their collaboration boy group these past few days, YG Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment has released its sixth video teaser featuring Kim Sungjoo and Wong Yibo.
On September 27th, UNIQ updated their official Youtube channel and SNS accounts with a dance video clip. The short concept video featured members Kim Sungjoo and Wong Yibo in a casual, trendy concept, showcasing their “Krump” dance style.
As previously introduced, Wong Yibo is the youngest member and is also the main dancer, rapper and in charge of visuals. Kim Sungjoo, on the other hand,is the main vocalist. Cho Seungyeon, Li Wenhan and Zhou Yixuan are confirmed members of the group.

According to the two managing agencies, UNIQ have been secretly training for four years and will be simultaneously promoting in China and South Korea.

What do you think of the teaser?

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