Sunday, September 28, 2014

MAD TOWN is ready for debut with group teaser photos

MAD TOWN, the new boy group under J.Tune Camp, also known as the juniors of MBLAQ, have just revealed teaser photos as a group!
After releasing individual profiles for the first three “MAD” members on September 25th and the remaining four “TOWN” members the next day, MAD TOWN keeps up with the flow as they release more teaser images, but now as a group!
MAD TOWN is expected to make their debut in October, although the exact date and details of the album have not been announced officially yet. The group will debut as 7 members, namely Moos, Daewon, Lee Geon, Jota, Heo Jun, Buffy, and H.O. MAD TOWN has one special member Buffy, who is Japanese.
MAD TOWN members are relatively tall, with an average height of 179cm. The shortest member is the leader Moos (176cm), while Heo Jun (183cm) is the tallest.
Two different sets of group teaser photos were revealed. In the first set of photos, each member wears a plain white shirt with a huge letter printed on it, taking one letter each to form the word “MAD TOWN”. In the second set of photos, they show their cool and chic style as they take on a darker concept with black outfits as the common theme.
What do you think about J.Tune Camp’s new boy group? Have they caught your attention already?
Source: MAD TOWN Fancafe

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