Monday, March 23, 2015

8 Idols You Never Knew Had Identical Twin Babies


Some baby models have been recognized for their unbelievably similar features to K-Pop idols, and have blown up with popularity because of it.Not only do these babies have identical faces to idols, they also demonstrate similar personality traits and facial expressions… to the point where you might even believe they could be real-life incarnations. Whooooooa…
1. EXO – Kai/ Baby Kim TaeohFans have discovered this amazing resemblance between EXO Kai and little baby Taeoh, they even have the same expressions! Could he be Kai’s long lost relative?77teokaiasherexoricky12[ ByQ_gdoCAAABI_9
2. EXO – Baekhyun/ Baby JesperThe second idol that has an amazingly similar look-alike is EXO member Baekhyun. He and baby Jesper have the most identical facial expressions that are matched by no other idol-baby duo. No one can look at these photos and not fall in love, even the tiniest bit, with this pair of cuties.baekhyun1baekhyun2
 3. EXO – Sehun/ Baby MingukAnother EXO member has made the list of idol and baby look-alikes. Sehun, along with his toddler look-alike Minguk, are the perfect innocent yet sassy duo. Baby Minguk has a lot of Sehun’s mischievous features as well.sehun1
4. SHINee – Minho/ Baby YoogeunMinho, the face of SHINee, appeared on KBS’s Hello Baby, where he coincidentally met his baby look alike, Yoogeun. The two not only share big eyes, that melt the hearts of fans, but also share an identical face structure. Perhaps Yoogeun will become the next Minho someday? Let’s wait and see.
5. EXO-M – Lay /  Baby AnsonEXO-M’s Lay has very unique and handsome features, which is why it’s surprising to find a baby that looks identical to him! That baby is none other than baby Anson. The eyes, face, and even their hairdo is identical. If they were the same age they’d definitely pass for twins.lay1lay2
6. Luhan / Ye ZiyuYe Ziyu is famous for being Luhans baby doppleganger, and its no surprise why.
They literally look EXACTLY the same. O_O
7. Yoochun / Kim Min Chan
While this doppleganger duo may not be as famous as the others, there’s no denying the uncanny resemblance. It’s just too cute for words <3
1 8538_yoochun6asiakoreanfashion67130337717104212
8. G-Friend – Yerin / Cristina Hernandez LeeFamous Ulzzang Cristina Lee became the most recent baby doppleganger of a K-Pop Idol when G-Friend debuted with member Yerin!  The two are years apart, but in these photos they look like they could almost be the same person.
tumblr_lz72av7RyV1qctfhvo1_500tumblr_nhsampS6dw1u0guzxo1_400 LeecristinaTumblr_lz0q92hwtN1qctfhvo1_500B7FDmUaIAAA2ET6

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