Thursday, March 26, 2015

Perrie Edwards Steps Out Wearing Engagement Ring After Zayn Malik Quits 1D

Perrie Edwards Wearing Engagement Ring

It’s back on! Perrie Edwards was spotted rocking her gorgeous engagement ring from Zayn Malik for the first time since he announced he was leaving One Direction.

Perrie Edwards, 21, and Zayn Malik, 22, must really be working hard on their relationship, because she was proudly putting her engagement ring on display on Thursday, March 26. Not only was she rocking her ring of love again, but she was seen leaving the home she shares with Zayn — and this time without any luggage. Finally, some good news!

Perrie Edwards Wearing Engagement Ring Again

Bling, bling! That’s what Perrie was doing when she left her and Zayn’s home just a day after he left One Direction for good.
As you can see above, Perrie flashed her ring as the car carrying her in the backseat passed the group of photographers that have been hanging outside of her and Zayn’s shared home. Unfortunately, she forgot to also flash her smile!

One Direction: Zayn Malik’s Top 5 Performances With Them — Watch

This is the first time Perrie has been seen since her fiance called it quits from 1D, and eerily similar to the first photos of Zayn after the news broke — sitting in the back of a car and looking extremely unhappy.

So, is it safe to assume that their relationship remains in tact after his alleged cheating scandal and now his decision to leave One Direction? It definitely seems that way.

One Direction Thanks Fans For Support

It took some time, but once they were all ready to do so, the rest of One Direction reached out to their fans on social media to thank them for the support they’ve received since Zayn said his goodbyes.
“All the love as always,” Harry wrote, signing his tweet with a simple “H.”
Meanwhile, Louis’ message was a bit more straight-forward: “Your support has been incredible , truly incredible so thank you so much!”
Hopefully the fans are doing as well dealing with the news as the group themselves seem to be.
What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Are Zayn and Perrie going to stick this out? Do you think they’ll get married this year now that he’s out of 1D? Comment below with your thoughts.
– Lauren Cox

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