Friday, March 27, 2015

Locations of EXO's individual teasers spell out 'Call Me Baby'?

March 27, 2015 @ 3:38 pm

SM Entertainment is pretty sly, but not sly enough!  Fans are taking notice of an interesting technique they recently did to tease EXO's comeback with "Call Me Baby."  It turns out that there are exactly the same amount of letters in the song title as the number of members in the group. 

In addition, each member's teaser just happened to be filmed in a different city or state of which the first letter spells out... "Call Me Baby"!  Now if only they would have left hints as to how fans could actually call them...

The teasers were not released in order but the smart fans are noticing that "Call Me" spells out the locations in which EXO-K members filmed while "Baby" spells out the locations for the EXO-M members.

The list goes (unscrambled):

C olorado (D.O)
A rizona (Chanyeol)
L ondon (Kai)
L yon (Baekhyun)

M arseille (Suho)
E dinburgh (Sehun)

B arcelona (Tao)
A lmaty (Chen)
B erlin (Xiumin)
Y unnan (Lay)

Round of applause for SM Entertainment!

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