Monday, March 23, 2015

With spring here, Seo Kang Jun expresses his hopes to find a girlfriend during photoshoot with 'Cosmopolitan'

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Seo Kang Jun showed off his good looks in a pictorial with 'Cosmopolitan' for the April issue. Seriously, how can he look this good?

He shows off a more playful side in this shoot with an amusement park as the backdrop. Looking like a candy striper in a pink-and-white striped blazer while atop a bumper car, he looks as adorable and youthful as he is in real life when he's not acting like a cold yet charming chaebol in dramas.

In the interview portion, he talked about his passion for acting as well as his ideal type, revealing that the writer for 'Radio Star' wanted him to emphasize or exaggerate his popularity in school to appeal to the audience, but in truth, there weren't that many girls in his life that had asked him out during school.  

For his ideal type, he said, "I think pleasant and simple women are quite charming.  Ah, also, a woman with a sexy brain!"  

He also then added that with the warm weather of spring here, he wishes he could find a girlfriend. Well, with this comment, fans are probably volunteering as tribute!

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