Friday, March 27, 2015

EXO's Kai saddens fans by deleting his Instagram only after recently creating one

March 27, 2015 @ 8:55 pm

EXO's dancing machine Kai delighted fans when he finally joined Instagram just recently, 
but unfortunately the fun has come to an end as the idol has deleted his account!

He'd only posted a few things including a concert video of himself followed by an extra teaser clip for the group's return with their second album 'EXODUS'. 

His Instagram account is now nowhere to be found, leaving fans to wonder what led the idol the delete it. However, before he left though, he did share one last photo seen below and wrote, "EXODUS CALL ME BABY, See you on the official homepage."  

In addition, he posted in the comments section, "Where do you delete the account?" "Do I just need to log out?", bringing sad chuckles from fans. Judging by what he's said, it seems the account had only served to provide extra teasers, and with its purpose having been fulfilled, the idol decided to close it down.

Sad about his account being gone, fans flocked to other members' Instagram accounts, such as Chanyeol's, to write, "Where did Kai go?? Why did he leave?", "I was so happy he finally started one, but then he leftㅠㅠ", "What happened? Why did Kai delete his account?", and more.

Hopefully knowing fans miss him this much, Kai will decide to reopen one in the future? Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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