Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Seo Kang Jun to be your virtual boyfriend on 'Dating Alone'

March 10, 2015 @ 7:31 pm
 by alim17

According to agency Fantagio, trendy star Seo Kang Jun is next up to appear on JTBCvariety program, 'Dating Alone'!

The agency disclosed to various media outlets that he will be partaking in a recording on March 11, so fans will get to swoon at his romantic dating style on the show. Originally, they had popular women on the show as a virtual girlfriends through VCR, includingEunjiYuri, and Kang Min Kyung.  Next up, though, the recording on March 11 will be for a special male feature, making Seo Kang Jun one of the first virtual boyfriends.  

The rep stated that the actor would be showing his handsome visuals, the manly images he's shown through his dramas, as well as the cute charms he's relayed through other variety programs.  "In the video, Seo Kang Jun will show his special charms to make lots of women's hearts flutter," the rep confidently said.

The male special, including Seo Kang Jun as the virtual boyfriend, will air sometime between the end of March and early April.

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