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GUYS 7 REASONS WHY HAVING A GUY BFF IS AWESOME It doesn't always have to be romantic.

       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
It may seem a little strange when you think about it at first, but having a guy BFF is actually something many girls would probably like to have given the chance. Being a guy BFF myself, it's really great knowing that my girl best friends actually appreciate the platonic relationship that we have. If you want to get to know a little bit more about the dynamics of guy-girl BFF relationships, we present you seven reasons why you should get your own guy BFF, stat.
  1. We're pretty straightforward. It's common knowledge, actually. Ask us for advice, we'll give it to you. Ask us how you look, we'll say "ugly." Haha! Kidding aside, sometimes all you really need is a response to your rants, queries, and heartaches that doesn't beat around the bush, and we can provide that to you. You probably will go with your "female intuition" more often than not when asking us about these things, but later on you'll realize that we're right in one way or another.
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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  2. We're weird. Girls can be weird, too, but you have to admit that you're not as weird as guys. Our antics are sure to fill your day with laughs, giggles, and after-giggles—you know that moment when the joke's already expired but you're still laughing. Yeah, that.
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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  3. We're game to give you hugs. Don't have a boyfriend but it's cold outside? No problem! Guy BFFs are almost always game for a hug whenever you need one. It's really not a very big deal being a little touchy with us, since both acknowledge that the relationship is purely platonic. We're almost always ready to be your personal teddy bear (I say "almost" because sometimes the girlfriend gets a little jealz, but that's a different story).
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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  4. We’re protective. To an extent, we can be very protective. Not because we like you, but because we care. A friend of mine told me that some of her guy best friends act like a kuyato her, which ends up being true in most boy-girl friendships. We wouldn't want somebody to hurt you just as much as your kuya would.
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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  5. We're not very serious all the time. We can be the reliever of your stress from school, socializing, and all the drama that girls go through—like getting their nails broken or something. We like to keep things light and easy most of the time, so you won't find a lot of drama just hanging out.
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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  6. We could be your role model of an ideal guy. I'm not saying that we're perfect guys—I mean, we're obviously not, that's why we're just best friends. But we could be the perfect role models of what you should (and shouldn’t) look for in a guy. Most guy best friends would prefer to bring you home, take your cab's plate number if it's not possible, or at least offer you a ride home than just leave you there after a movie night with the crew. We could be funny, crazy, witty, and caring—things that you might want to see in a guy you'd date. While on the other side of the spectrum, we could also reflect the traits of guys that aren't so nice. We're basically the standard-setters, I mean, aside from your dad.
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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  7. We're genuine. With us, what you see is what you get. We're shy, kind, mean, generous, awkward, annoying, obnoxious—you name it, that's what we are. You won't have an overly pretentious guy best friend, whether straight or gay. We're really just ourselves when we're with you and in a world of plastics and players, I think that's the best thing about having a guy BFF.
       7 Reasons Why Having a Guy BFF is Awesome
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