Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BREAKING: SM Entertainment confirms Sungmin will continue promotions with Super Junior

SM Entertainment has revealed in a statement that Super Junior’s Sungmin will continue being a member, despite his marriage.
Just moments ago, Sungmin confirmed that he would be marrying his girlfriend, Kim Saeun in a heartfelt letter to fans. Soon afterwards, SM Entertainment re-assured fans that he would continue to participate as a member of Super Junior.
In a statement, SM Entertainment revealed, "Marriage will not change a thing. Sungmin will continue his schedules as planned as a member of Super Junior."
They also tweeted a message saying, "Sungmin~ Congratulations on your marriage! We wish for your happiness and blessings. We love you. -(Every) SM Entertainment family members."

Congratulations to Sungmin and Kim Saeun!!

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