Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tablo Reveals that Haru Recalls Being Inside Mom’s Womb

Tablo talked about how his adorable daughter Haru remembers being inside her mother’s womb on the October 14 radio broadcast of MBC FM‘s ‘Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.’
When one listener stated to Tablo via a message, “Did you know that kids remember what happened in their mother’s womb until they are 5-years-old?
Tablo responded in shock, “Is this true? Not too long ago when I was filming for ‘Superman is Back,’  Haru recalled a time while she was inside her mother’s womb. Haru said that she was eating in her mother womb but her mother started walking when the wedding bells rang making her feel nauseous. Haru also said that her mother was jumping making her tired. I thought it was cute because of the richness in her imagination.
The rapper then added, “According to the listener’s comment, that means that Haru actually remembers. How do scientists know this? I wonder how they do their research. The mother wouldn’t even know how it feels inside there. I think the more you get to know about science, it widens your perspective.

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