Monday, October 13, 2014

ZPZG unveils dance practice video for debut track “Go Crazy”

New male group ZPZG (Khan, Kang, Gyeom, and Jihoon) has released their dance practice video for their title track, “Go Crazy.”
Uploaded on October 13, the four members of ZPZG begin their practice with a slight giggle, lipsynching to the track with imaginary microphones in their hands.
The names of the members are pinned to their shirts, allowing viewers and fans to not only learn their names, but differentiate them from one another.
ZPZG’s choreography matches the fun, upbeat track, and is filled with energetic moves. “Go Crazy” is a rhythmical track that describes a man going crazy after meeting a girl.

Source: ZPZG(지피지기) OFFICIAL

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