Sunday, October 12, 2014

BIGBANG is working on a new album!

Good news for VIPs - Taeyang reveals that BIGBANG is working on an album!
Fans have been anticipating a comeback from BIGBANG since their last release as a group back in 2012. In August, G-Dragon addressed the issue and stated that they would be working hard to release an album before the end of the year. However, while T.O.P was promoting his new movie, “Tazza 2,” he addressed the possibility of not being able to release an album before 2015 because the BIGBANG members each have very busy individual schedules.
Taeyang recently finished up his “Rise” concert tour in Seoul, South Korea, on October 12th with some good news for fans! As he addressed the screaming crowd, “Everyone must be curious about BIGBANG's new album and what the other members are doing. We are working in the studio on new music every day. Although I cannot give you a date, we want to release a good album with great music as soon as we can.”
He continues, “Please be wait until then. There have been many incidents lately that have caused you to worry, but we will repay you by showing a good image. Thank you for all the love you have given us and we will work hard on our music.”
Although it isn’t a definite date, it’s great news for fans who were worried after T.O.P.’s announcement. Are you excited for their first comeback in two years?
Source: OSEN

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