Sunday, October 12, 2014

Running Man premieres in China as “Hurry Up, Brother”

China’s version of Running Man airs their first episode!
In late August, “Running Man” member Kim Jongkook was seen filming for China’s version of the show. On October 10th, Running Man China, titled “Hurry Up, Brother,” finally aired their first broadcast on China’s Zhejiang Satellite TV. After much anticipation from Chinese fans, they finally aired their own version of the popular show. 

The Chinese cast includes celebrities like Deng Chao, Wang Baoqiang, Angela Baby, Wang Chulan, Lee Chun, Jung Kai and Chun Ga. 

After the first broadcast, “Hurry up, Brother” received positive reviews and reactions from the public. Viewers were impressed at how the Chinese cast showed their ability to rid themselves of their celebrity image, and dealt with the missions they were given. Both the Korean and Chinese staff members were surprised at how they handled the physically difficult games just as well as the Korean members. The show received such great feedback, that they are planning to expand it to 15 episodes per season instead of the original 12. Overall, both Korean and Chinese casts displayed great teamwork until the end.
What do you guys think of “Hurry up, Brother”?
Source: Sports Korea Media, Daily Sports

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