Monday, October 13, 2014

This is not an “Error,” VIXX transforms into cyborgs in newly released comeback MV

Male idol group VIXX has made their return with a never before done concept for their title track, “Error.”
Releasing their music video on October 14, VIXX reveal they are actually cyborg idols. Hongbin takes the helm as the lead actor of the music video, his memory seemingly returning to him and remembering his love, played by KARA’s Youngji, who had passed away.
She makes a return as a cyborg with the former’s full memory, but men in black appear and reveal her to be an illegally made cyborg. Hongbin fights them off before they can take Youngji away, and in a Romeo-Juliet scene, walks to the operating table where he is also revealed to be a cyborg. The two are dismantled together as their last act of love.
Meanwhile, VIXX has already announced their music video pledge ahead of its release. The choreography practice video will be released upon the music video hitting 1 million views, a special choreography video released with 2 million views reached, and an exclusive fan chat upon reaching 3 million views. The 4 million mark remains a mystery.
Check out the beautifully created video below!

Source: RealVIXX

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