Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[★VIDEO] GOT7 Jackson’s wishes of being low-kicked by MMA fighter Song Gayeon comes true

After GOT7’s Jackson revealed on SBS “Roommate 2” that he wishes to be to low-kicked by Song Gayeon, his wish comes true with a painful, yet joyful kick.
On the 12th, during an episode of “Roommate 2”, MMA fighter Song Gayeon (a former cast member of the first season of “Roommate”) visited the home to greet the new season two cast.
Upon her arrival, Jackson transformed into a timid teenybopper fan-boy and ran into the bathroom to hide from the beautiful fighter.
However, after the fan-boy craze, Jackson admitted to wanting to be “low-kicked” by Song Gayeon, her signature MMA move. Although Park Junhyung, the eldest of the roommates, avidly attempted to dissuade Jackson from getting kicked, the GOT7 member’s wish was fulfilled.
Jackson fell to the floor in pain after the strong, “friendly” kick, but soon showed a bright smile and laughter from the joy and honor.
The kick must have been so painful, but Jackson looks so happy! What do you think about this hilarious scene?


Source: FN NewsSBSNOW

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