Sunday, October 12, 2014

G-Dragon Appears in Taeyang’s Solo Concert to Show Off Friendship Through Collaboration Stage

BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON showed off his close friendship with TAEYANG by appearing on TAEYANG’s solo concert.
TAEYANG held his solo concert “2014 TAEYANG CONCERT RISE” for the first time in four years at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul, drawing at least 12,000 fans during the three-day concert.
TAEYANG showcased a collaboration performance with G-DRAGON with the song “STAY WITH ME.” The duo’s performance was perfectly in sync as they are known to be best friends for a long time since they were trainees for YG Entertainment (YG).
During the concert, TAEYANG introduced G-DRAGON and sang “STAY WITH ME” together. Also, they sang G-DRAGON’s “CROOKED” together, showing off their deep friendship and entertaining the fans at the same time.
TAEYANG showcased the artistic side that he managed to improve over several years as the first member of BIGBANG to hold a solo concert in 2008. This year’s concert is the first solo concert that he has held in four years since 2010.
TAEYANG released his 2nd regular album “RISE,” drawing consistent popularity and sustaining its place on top of music streaming websites. “RISE” especially drew many fans’ attention as he solely focused on his vocal, which is a new approach that he has never tried before. In particular, the album’s title “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” has topped the No. 1 spot on the Karaoke Chart of GAON Music Chart for 11 consecutive weeks.
TAEYANG also released a solo debut album in Japan recently and launched “SOL JAPAN TOUR RISE 2014,” drawing a total of 70,000 audiences from 13 concerts in six different cities in Japan.

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