Monday, October 13, 2014

How the internet is reacting to Luhan trying to leave EXO

The great empire of SM Entertainment seems to be in a bit of a rut with keeping their idols as they were hit with not one but two of their valued idols leaving EXO. Whether it was to pursue other career goals or chase the same dream elsewhere, they decided that they wanted out of SM. And EXO's Luhan is the latest one to call it quits.

Although there were already many speculations and rumors floating around regarding Luhan's departure, it was still shocking to find out that he would actually go through with the lawsuit despite the clearly David and Goliath-esque battle ahead.

Similar to the reaction that people had with Kris's lawsuit, many fans were quick to support Luhan and his decision. Some even criticized SM Entertainment for lacking in their management skills ever since the CEO changed from Lee Soo Man to Kim Young Min in 2010.

When the first flood of speculations about Luhan's departure hit the internet, some fans laughed it off awkwardly, crossing their fingers that these were just some trolls trying to start something...

But really,

Then it was reported that the rumors about Luhan was, in fact, as true as daylight... and EXO-L went off:

One aggressive fan in Korea posted on her KakaoStory to express her frustrations regarding the situation, even taking it a step further by criticizing and warning the entertainment company:

"SM, EXO is 12 members, not 10, you b*stard. Put it back [the way it was]. You must really have set your mind on ruining it.  Luhan, Kris; we'll never forget."


Several others joined the fight against SM Entertainment:

In contrast, some fans and non-fans alike took the blame to Luhan, saying the others who had already left the company are "betraying the company that raised them." Especially people in Korea were aggravated by Luhan's "disloyal" actions:

"After he says that he will work hard, he stabs them in the back a couple of weeks later. No, I bet he was going in and out of the lawyers office at the time [of the statement]."

"Kids who were raised then say they're going to leave and file a lawsuit lack humanity.. I hope kids like these don't do well."

Then some of our readers had really interesting analyses and predictions regarding the situation--about what might happen in the future or what MIGHT be interesting to see:

In fact, Lay did leave a cryptic message on his Weibo saying that he wanted to be on stage with Luhan again someday if the opportunity arrived... (although it is just speculations as of now).

The fans also took to Twitter to express their regret about the incident; not to mention, "#alwayssupportluhan" and "#ifChoiSiwonistheCEOofSM" are currently trending worldwide. SM-stans are encouraging Siwon, known to be from a ridiculously wealthy family, to buy the company and put things back into order. 

SM Entertainment used to be on the top of their stock market game, but with all the blows that the company has been receiving in the last couple months, their stock prices plummeted 3,100 KRW, placing SM below YG Entertainment. It was also reported that SM dropped a total of 5,450 KRW (around 15%) and is now trading at 31,200 KRW (around $29).

All we can hope now is the best for both Luhan and SM Entertainment--for Luhan to recover from his withering health and live a happier, fuller life and for SM Entertainment to get through all this and to change up their attitude and management style.

We say this but our hearts are like...

But seriously guys, 

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