Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Miss Granny" reveals first official movie poster ft. EXO-M Luhan

Following Luhan’s decision to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, two posters of Luhan in the Chinese remake of the Korean movie “Miss Granny” have been revealed.
Back on June 17th, we reported that Luhan began his filming for “Miss Granny” in China. According to the production crew, filming for the movie started on June 3rd. The movie has completed all its filming on July 28th and is scheduled to be screened in theaters early 2015.
Since it is a remake of the Korean movie with the same title, the Chinese version will share similarities with the Korean version. Directed by Taiwanese Chen Zhengdao, the movie is about an old granny who is nearly 70 years old, who magically turns into a 20-year-old young lady and it talks about her life after she gains a younger identity.
Luhan plays the grandson of the granny and also takes on the role of a passionate youngster, singing as the main vocal of a band. A movie poster of Luhan’s band was unveiled through “Miss Granny“‘s Weibo account. Holding an electric guitar in hand, complemented with a styled-up bright-color hair, the youngster looks ready to rock and roll with his band in the poster.
After Luhan’s Weibo post saying “I’m home”, Miss Granny’s production team posted on their official Weibo, giving a response of ”Welcome home”.
Back in June, Luhan had also posted a photo of a possible scriptbook for the movie, captioning it “All the best! Fighting! 👍 #MissGranny”. The text on the photo writes “I had a really beautiful dream. I’m serious. If I told you about it, you might not even believe it”.

Source: 电影重返20岁, Baidu, and Luhan’s Instagram

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