Sunday, October 12, 2014

Netizens react to MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Thunder withdrawing from the group

With the sudden news of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Chundoong withdrawing from the group after the expiration of his contract, netizens have been responding to the shocking reports with both positive and disappointing words.
Here is a compilation of the top-voted comments regarding this breaking news.
Article: [Exclusive] Lee Joon to withdraw from MBLAQ… focusing on acting career
Source: Star News via Naver
1. [+5262, -51] *Gasp* Even MBLAQ is [breaking up now], too….
2. [+4198, -196] Good, you made the right choice.
3. [+4023, -61] Omg, what big news kekeke
4. [+3419, -73] That was a solid explosion of randomness *shivers*
5. [+3153, -37] So it all ends like this…
6. [+1264, -29] I see…. now I feel like Lim Siwan and Park Hyungsik are going to end up doing this, too.
7. [+1245, -13] When MBLAQ first debuted, they were really awesome, so I thought they were going to get huge fast. But to everyone’s surprise, they never really had such a big hit [of songs]. They were so underrated, but now they’re just ripping apart like that, I guess.
8. [+1286, -61] Isn’t this all Jung Jihoon’s (Rain) fault anyway? He was all so excited about producing for them and debuting them, acting like he was going to raise them big, but all he did was not care for them and then after he got back from the army, he abandoned them for Cube Entertainment kekekekekekeke
9. [+1146, -59] At least he isn’t just leaving them [while breaking his contract]. I like how he’s doing it the right way [leaving after contract expired].
10. [+1010, -19] Wouldn’t this be considered of him leaving on fairly clean/good terms? I mean, all he did was not resign [with the company instead of breaking the contract]…
Article: [Exclusive] Lee Joon to withdraw from MBLAQ… focusing on acting career
Source: Star News via Nate
1. [+737, -28] miss A without Suzy = MBLAQ without Lee Joon
2. [+605, -22] This is something that he said on a talk show a long time ago, but he said that he originally wanted to just act, but Rain sugguested that he debut as a singer first in order to get his name known before doing so. This kid wanted to act first. It would have been nice to see him succeed as an artist [if the group had succeeded more as well], but I guess the conditions they [MBLAQ] were left in made him choose to become an actor in the end.
3. [+456, -15] Dang. Whenever anyone mentions MBLAQ, the first thing you think of is Lee Joon…
Article: MBLAQ G.O. tweets after news of Lee Joon’s withdrawal, “In the end, the care/consideration is what must endure the burden of selfishness”
Source: TV Report
1. [+578, -26] Why is it that members of a group will suddenly begin dissing each other once something happens? All this just makes me realize how well the Shinhwa members get along after all these years.
2. +464, -22] It’s been so many years since MBLAQ debuted, yet we still don’t know their own color. Even the younger, newer idols have made it bigger than them. I understand Lee Joon’s decision.
3. [+416, -17] It’s not like they can all die together. When will MBLAQ ever succeed [after all these years]?
4. [+320, -8] I guess they fought. There’s no such thing as a happy ending, I guess.
5. [+288, -20] What’s he trying to say, that Lee Joon is the bad guy here?
Article: [Exclusive] Chundoong of MBLAQ to be withdrawing following Lee Joon
Source: TV Report
1. [+386, -10] So, did all of their contracts expire..? I will still support you all even after you part ways..
2. [+353, -13] What are you guys so confused about? The group is obviously disintegrating.
3. [+290, -13] I think it’d be best just to disband the whole group.
4. [+263, -9] So basically what they’re saying is, in reality, MBLAQ is going to disband?
5. [+170, -9] What? LOLOLOLOL
Article: J.Tune Camp announces official statement regarding MBLAQ, “Lee Joon’s withdrawal is not yet confirmed”
Source: TV Report
1. [+1012, -22] ..In all honesty though, if Lee Joon leaves, MBLAQ is over.
2. [+776, -19] I feel like MBLAQ will all just do better once they go their separate ways. :(
3. [+752, -16] I don’t think Lee Joon would do badly if he went into acting, I think he’d actually be much better off. I’m sure this is disappointing to their fans, though.
4. [+439, -14] If it wasn’t confirmed, why would there be so many articles out? I don’t get it. lol
5. [+318, -20] *Sigh* What about Mir???
What are all your thoughts on this shocking and confusing issue?
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