Sunday, October 12, 2014

Girl’s Day Yura becomes jealous over Hong Jonghyun’s “foot bath” scene with Song Yoona in his drama

Though Girl’s Day Yura and model-turned-actor Hong Jonghyun are virtually, happily married on “We Got Married 4”, the two can often run into some love-and-hate moments during their marriage.
On an episode of MBC “We Got Married 4” which aired on October 11th, Yura brought up the subject of a current drama series that her husband Jonghyun has been starring in.
The adorable wife mentioned how she came across a scene involving romantic skinship with actress Song Yoona, saying, "You do a lot of skinship moments in your drama like back hugs and foot bathes."
Girl’s Day Hyeri, who was starring as a guest MC for this week’s episode of “We Got Married 4”, stated, "She (Yura) tries to watch as much as she can as possible and if she’s flipping through the channels and it’s playing, she’ll stop everything just to watch."
When Yura added, "There’s a lot of [skin ship]," Hong Jonghyun replied, “It’s just what’s written in the script.”
However, Yura implied her jealousy when she bluntly retaliated with, "[Those romantic scenes] looked so natural. You were really good. I thought to myself that even though you were acting, you were still good at what you were doing.  It must be a natural talent even you’re only acting."
Hong Jonghyun, on the other hand, expressed his overwhelmed thoughts during the personal interview, “I was feeling a little iffy because she wasn’t just asking why I was so good [at the romantic scenes], but she was kind of giving me attitude that I was good at giving foot bathes and whatnot. I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or if she was being jealous.”
Yura stated during her interview, "Seeing how well he acted those scenes, it got me thinking that he might actually have a [physically] romantic side to him as well."
Many viewers of the show found Yura’s jealously to be cute, adorable, and normal between a husband and wife’s relationship.
What do you think about her jealousy over Jonghyun’s romantic skinship scenes?
Source: Newsen

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