Monday, October 13, 2014

[★VIDEO] Kim Soeun cutely attempts to embarrass Song Jaerim on MBC “We Got Married”

Actress Kim Soeun embarrassed actor Song Jaerim in a recent episode of “We Got Married,” causing an uproar of laughter in the studio.
On October 11th, Kim Soeun visited her virtual husband Song Jaerim, who is currently hospitalized for his Rhinitis operation on the 4th season of MBC “We Got Married.”
Upon his virtual wife’s visit, Song Jaerim said to her,” Guys sometime do not wear their boxers, and that is when they are hospitalized,” prompting Kim Soeun to ask him if he was currently not wearing any underwear, to which he replied, “Yes.”
Hearing the answer, she embarrassed him by saying, “I feel like doing ‘Ice Kkae-Kki’ to you. Let’s make some trouble!” (“Ice Kkae-Kki” is the Japanese pronunciation of “Ice Cake,” which is an action of raising girls’ skirts in order to embarrass them; Korean children usually do this while playing.)
Song Jaerim tried to avoid the situation by saying, “It’s gonna cause a broadcasting accident!”, though kim Soeun replied, “Are you really not wearing anything? I’ll do Ice Kkae-Kki some time, so watch out.”
This couple seems like they are having something more than just a chemistry!

Source: TV DailyMBCentertainment

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