Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Roommate' drops highlight preview for season 2 with guest appearances by YoonA, Danny Ahn, and Chaeyeon

As previously reported, YoonA, Danny Ahn, and Chaeyeon will be making visits to the house on SBS variety program 'Roommate' in the second season to show their support for their fellow friends!  On October 16, a highlight preview was revealed for the entire cast of the second season as well as these special guests.

Chaeyeon in particular is grabbing a lot of attention as she has not appeared on Korean TV for three years!  Visiting the house, she was surprised at seeing the camera in every spot, saying, "I took too long a break from broadcasts.  It's the generation of technology."

A special teaser just for her was released, as well, on October 16.  Check out the previews (which include a lot of fun dancing and acting) as well as the broadcast on October 19!

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