Sunday, October 12, 2014

[SPOILERS] Sooyoung’s on-screen romance escalates with a date on the beach

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and fellow actor Kam Woosung’s chemistry is put to the test when their characters finally go on a real date!
Sooyoung’s character, Lee Bomyi, musters up the courage and asks Kang Dongha for a proper date to which he obliges, with a little help from Bomyi along the way.
When they first begin walking on the beach, Bomyi asks why Dongha always walks ahead and without waiting for a proper response, boldly outstretches her hand which Dongha takes willingly.
Teasing fans yet again, the couple share more skinship when Bomyi buys ice cream, and Dongha gets some on his lips, she wipes ice cream off with the back of her hand leaving Dongha stunned and fans squealing.
When she later finds him outside, unable to sleep, the two share an intimate moment when Bomyi rests her head on Dongha’s shoulder.
Will you be tuning in to “The Spring Days of My Life” to see how their complicated romance unfolds?
SOURCE: Top Star News

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