Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lawyer on 'One Night of TV Entertainment' reveals that there is a chance that SME might win the suit against Luhan

The October 15 edition of SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' covered the story on Luhan's suit against SM Entertainment and gave more insight to the viewers as they interviewed lawyers, representatives, and members of the legal circle.

Lawyer Jung Yun Suk stated that the type of suit that Luhan had filed against the agency is asking to nullify any contract conditions or terms that was binding the two parties together. He added, "It is a suit with a very significant meaning."

When questioned why the Chinese members are asking to nullify their contract one after the other, one critic commented, "The speculation is that because there was a precedent, that the breakaway of the Chinese members are occurring," referring to former Super Junior member Hangeng and his suit against SM Entertainment in 2009. 

Coincidentally, all three including Hangeng, Kris (Wu Yi Fan), and Luhan have taken their case to the same law firm. 

According to Lawyer Jung Yun Suk, "With Hangeng's situation he won the case so they [Kris and Luhan] might have gotten confidence from that and went to the same law firm. However, if SM Entertainment had drastically modified their contract and got rid of the unjust conditions, then SM has a chance of winning the suit."  

There were also rumors saying that the reason for their departure was because of the distinct characteristics of the Chinese market.  

One producer in the Korean entertainment industry commented, "China has hundreds of broadcasting stations. And the minimum amount that you would get as an appearance fee in one of the hundreds of stations is 5,000,000 Won (approximately $4,700.00 USD). But there are those who get paid in the millions but of course that is if you're counting A-grade celebrities. If there was a celebrity who already has garnered some kind of popularity and said, 'I'm not going to work in Korea anymore,' and went to the Chinese market, such as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, it is very possible [for them to succeed]."

In addition, one Chinese media stated that in 2013, EXO sold around a million copies of their album but in terms of individual profit, they weren't even paid as much as a B-grade Chinese celebrity who has filmed two dramas. 

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