Thursday, October 09, 2014

BREAKING: Sina reveals Luhan’s 4 reasons for filing lawsuit against SM Entertainment

After an initial report about EXO-M’s Luhan filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, Sina has followed up with a report revealing the reasons Luhan has filed termination for his contract with SM Entertainment.
Earlier today, we broke news that EXO-M’s Luhan would be filing for a contract termination lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Since then, it was revealed Luhan would be using the same lawyer as Hangeng and Kris, who also filed lawsuit against SM Entertainment.
More updates quickly came in, with SM Entertainment’s stock plummeting with the news, and fellow member Lay left a heartfelt message for Luhan on his Weibo.
Sina has now revealed a report with 4 reasons as to why Luhan has filed termination against his agency, SM Entertainment. The reasons are as follows:
1. SM Entertainment is not able to give good future development plans for Luhan.
2. There is a discrimination in terms of treatment between Korean and Chinese members
3. The allocations of resources are not reasonable.
4. Experiencing health issues due to over-exhaustion in both body and in stress.
While the specific details in Luhan’s case are unique, in general, the lawsuit and reasons are very similar to Hangeng and fellow EXO-M member, Kris (Wu Yifan).
Luhan has been long reported to not be feeling well due to fatigue, having symptoms of waking up in the middle of the night, an uncomfortable feeling in his chest and persistent headaches. There were also serious times when he experienced difficulty in breathing.
While previously filming for the Chinese movie “Back to 20” and also performing at EXO’s concerts, Luhan had to work through many nights and was flying back and forth constantly.
Due to long term lack of sleep, stress, and irregular meal hours, Luhan’s body could not take it anymore. Luhan left a personal apology on September 11th to his fans, through his Weibo for not attending EXO’s concert in Thailand. While pushing himself endlessly, he was able to attend the last 2 nights of EXO’s finale stop in Beijing.
According to reports, SM Entertainment coordinates schedules for artists without consulting with them for their opinion, or considering their personal situations. Instead, the company notifies the artists after the schedules have been placed. When Luhan requested for a leave, the company would reject the request and respond that activities have already been set and that he must follow the schedule.
Luhan also reportedly expressed concern that while the group has gained popularity throughout the years since their debut, there is no solid plan laid for their progress and growth. The artist is reported to have revealed, “It is a working environment where it feels like [we are] robots in a factory.”
While Luhan has received requests for acting and advertising opportunities, none of them lead to successful negotiations. Between 2012 - 2013, EXO-K had over 5 endorsement projects, but EXO-M did not nearly have the same.
In terms of individual opportunities in Korea, there is an obvious discrimination towards the different nationalities. It is also highlightable that when EXO promotes on shows, the Korean members get a significantly longer screen time than their Chinese counterparts.
Stay tuned for more developments from this story.
Source: Sina

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