Monday, October 06, 2014

BTS footage of EXO D.O’s “I’m Your Girl” MV for “EXO 902014” revealed

Mnet shares the behind the scenes video on EXO D.O’s “I’m Your Girl” music video remake.
EXO’s new show, “EXO 902014,” is about a time slip back to K-Pop in the 90s. The boys meet and talk about how K-Pop was like with some of the first few idols that started the Hallyu wave.
In each episode, the members are presented with one of the idol groups and one member is chosen to remake one of their  music videos. The jobs of the other members is to figure out what the music video is, given the hints.
On last week’s episode of “EXO 902014,” D.O shows a new light and bubbly side to him that is rarely shown, creating a music video for S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl,” taking a spin of the stalker-like lyrics as the music video’s plot.
Check out the behind the scenes below!

Source: Mnet

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