Tuesday, October 07, 2014

G-Dragon fans restore faith in humanity with posts on Kiko Mizuhara’s Instagram

Just moments ago, we reported that Dispatch released photos of G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on an alleged date together, showing intense skinship. Now, fans have taken to her Instagram to voice their comments.
Surprisingly enough, G-Dragon fans were not angry and spamming her page with obscenities and insults. The latest comments on her photos are all positive, showing that they care of G-Dragon.
While it may be because the two have been rumored to be dating for years ago, it seems like VIPs have long gotten used to the fact their international superstar would be dating.
While there are some comments being left that are negative, the vast majority of English comments seem to be positive.
Take a look at the comment below, do you support their relationship?
Translated comments in screenshot:
"I really dont want to admit this. When I go around, I only hear bad things of Kiko unni. But because they like each other, I hope they keep loving each other"
"She knows how to speak Korean…… Kiko is a really good model but I don’t like her because she is trash conservative"

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