Thursday, October 09, 2014

Leeteuk hints at another conflict within SM?

As if two controversies weren’t enough for this year!
On October 8th’s episode of the long-running talk show, “Radio Star,” Leeteuk appeared on stage and talked about his company and its current activities.
Kim Gura, the MC of the program, asked Leeteuk if he was interested in appearing on Gura’s current program, “War of Words.” Teuk replied that he likes the atmosphere of the program, but there is too much talk about SM Entertainment going on, showing caution in his words.
Kim Gura then replied “There’s no more news to come from SM Entertainment anymore. Jessica was it, right?” and Leeteuk replied with a shocking statement, “Do you think that would be it?” His statement left the whole studio in awe. Leeteuk also added “No one knows what will happen in future,” but his tone suggested he had more to say.
What do you think of Leeteuk’s statement? Is another shocking SM controversy coming up soon?
Source: TV Daily via Nate

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