Friday, October 10, 2014

Netizens react to EXO-M Luhan’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment

With on-going heat and confusion regarding EXO-M Luhan’s shocking lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract, Korean netizens have been dropping their two cents on the breaking news.
The following is a compilation of the most up-voted comments on this issue.
Article: [Exclusive] EXO Luhan files lawsuit against SM Entertainment for invalid contract
Source: Star News
1. [+880, -56] Do you know what gives me the chills here? All 3 of Kris, Luhan, and Jessica have some kind of relation to China or the Chinese. *Shivers* Now that they’ve gotten big through their groups, they think they can just back-stab everyone and run off to China to make more money. Kekekeke
2. [+841, -62] Lee Sooman [SM founder] just recently lost his wife and without even giving him a chance to pull himself together, all these people are stabbing him in the back. He raised these artists and all they do in return in stab him in the back.
3. [+749, -49] Wow, it’s so true. Jessica ended up leaving the group after being talked into starting a business in Hong Kong and now this. I guess you really can’t keep company with the Chinese.
Article: EXO Lay supports Luhan in lawsuit controversy, “I support and encourage you and give you my blessings”
Source: My Daily
1. [+270, -33] Is he crazy….? Encourage? So does he mean that he’s going to be suing soon, too?
2. [+248, -25] It seems like his message actually means, “You go first, I’ll leave and follow you soon” kekeke
3. [+156, -13] Oh, so this kid is going to be leaving soon, too…. LOL Why don’t they just get rid of all the Chinese members now while they’re at it….?
Article: EXO Luhan demands 50 million KRW from SM Entertainment
Source: News One
1. [+231, -11] I say this once again, but everyone needs to just stop using Chinese members. They will stab you in the back 100%
2. [+175, -5] Stop using Chinese kids.. you may always think the next one will be different, but they’ll always stab you in the back in the end. Let’s be completely honest here, Luhan, Kris, and Hangeng all left because they thought they were better off than the rest, didn’t they? Yeah, they say China loves Luhan like crazy, but that’s only because SM made him out to be so physically appealing and treated him like some vocal prince. China sees the made-up side of him and love him for that.
3. [+74, -2] Jessica ended up leaving for China, too, because her boyfriend wanted to start a business in the Chinese market. It seems like all Chinese capitalists are eyeing SM members. *shivers*
Article: Leeteuk’s recent foreshadowing of Luhan’s lawsuit reignites conversation
Source: TV Daily
1. [+125, -1] When you make a new idol group, I guess you can’t consider scouting them Chinese kids anymore.
2. [+129, -11] When you watch EXO’s Showtime, you can see how Kris always eyed his chances at everything so it was easy to tell that he’d end up stabbing everyone in the back one day. But I can’t believe this sucker, Luhan, ended up stabbing their backs, too. Kekeke. Poor SM. Even Victoria who is way more popular than these punks stays calm. I praise Victoria.
3. [+30, -2] Let me just add one more shocking fact here. Jessica’s boyfriend, Tyler Kwon, wanted to start a business in Hong Kong so he had big Chinese capitalists invest in an extensive scale. Right now, Kris, Hangeng, Luhan, and Jessica are all being given Chinese supremacy and command.
What are your thoughts on this shocking news of EXO Luhan and SM Entertainment?
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Source: Oh News

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