Friday, October 10, 2014

[RUMOR] Remaining two Chinese members of EXO-M to leave SM and form a new group in China with Kris and Luhan?

October 10, 2014 @ 1:23 pm
by alim17
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A source has divulged a rumor to allkpop about the potential departure of the remaining Chinese members in EXO-M. This source previously revealed to us that Jessica would depart Girls' Generation and Luhan would file a suit against SM before they were made public. Because of the accuracy of his / her previous predictions, we have decided to publish this latest rumor.

Following Kris and Luhan's lawsuit with SM Entertainment, there is now a rumor spreading that the remaining two Chinese members of EXO-M will follow suit, sign on with the same Chinese entertainment agency, rebrand, and form a new boy group to promote in their home country.

Allegedly, Luhan's negotiations with SM Entertainment fell through, which is why he made his desired nullification of the contract known to the public.  However, it appears that this might not be the end of it, which would continue one hectic year for SM Entertainment.

It appears that Tao and Lay, the remaining Chinese members, may hire on the same attorneys to handle their separation with SM Entertainment, so they can rejoin the others in China to form an entirely new group.  Considering Kris is on the verge of signing on with Hwai Brothers, the three others may sign on as well, so that the Chinese agency is essentially taking artists trained and previously active with SM Entertainment and launching them as their own group in China.

This departure, however, is all dependent on whether SM Entertainment accommodates the remaining members requests, but we feel this is not so far fetched, especially due to the fact that SM Entertainment had stated, "We believe there is someone behind the scenes who is pulling the strings."

Lay so far has shown his support for Luhan's decision, calling him his "brother" and wanting to "stand on stage together" sometime in the future.  He wrote on Weibo, "Brother goodbye! If we have the chance let's stand on stage together again. As brothers, I support your every decision. Good luck."

What would be your thoughts if this turned out to be true?

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