Saturday, October 11, 2014

[★VIDEO] Ailee fangirls hard over Taeyang in surprise phone call

On October 10th, Ailee made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook”, confessing her admiration for Taeyang during the broadcast.
In this episode, there was a special segment in which the show’s production team prepared an opportunity for Ailee and Big Bang’s Taeyang to share a conversation. When Ailee was connected to the call with Taeyang, her eyes lit up as soon as she heard his voice. She then turned her chair around and gave a high-pitched fangirl shriek. Taeyang greeted Ailee using non-honorifics, which prompted Ailee to show her fangirl self and became shy, similar to how any ordinary fan of Taeyang would react.
Taeyang sang his solo hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips” specially for Ailee and Ailee still seemed in utter disbelief that this was happening to her.
Through the phone call, Ailee expressed that she is a fan of Taeyang, thanked him for writing nice songs, and wished him luck for future Big Bang and solo activities.
MC Yoo Heeyeol tried pulling the two closer together, asking if the two would like to share a duet. Taeyang delightfully accepted the idea while Ailee quickly responded, “Of course that is okay with me! That goes without saying.”
Ailee is surely a lucky fangirl as she also received an autographed Taeyang CD through Yoo Heeyeol, with a personalized note, “Congratulations on your comeback. I’m a big fan of you!! God bless!
Ailee is currently promoting on music shows with “Don’t Touch Me”, taking 3 number one trophies home with the song. We are also still waiting for f(x)’s Amber to fulfill her promise of wearing a skirt if Ailee’s comeback album reached #1.
Check out the segment of Ailee fangirling over Taeyang below! Although it was a short 3-minute phone call, how happy Ailee must have been!

Source: StarNnews and 최원영

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