Monday, October 06, 2014

VIDEO: Girls’ Generation Sunny takes Jessica’s spot in “Mr. Mr” until music unexpectedly stops

Girls’ Generation performed without Jessica for the first time at a concert, for their "SMTOWN IN JAPAN" concert series. During Jessica’s part for "Mr. Mr", Sunny took over for Jessica’s part until the music unexpectedly stopped.
SM Entertainment and Girls’ Generation have been embroiled in one of the biggest controversies in K-Pop this year; Jessica being removed from the group.
From Jessica’s initial statement on Weibo, the situation has escalated with Jessica naming Girls’ Generation in her official latter, and SM Entertainment announcing she would be dropped from the group officially.
Girls’ Generation then had their first ever performance without Jessica at a major concert, in Tokyo. With Jessica missing, Sunny was put up to the task of filling in her role and singing her parts.
However, suddenly, the music stops and Sunny is left without any backtrack or music to sing to. The rest of the girls laugh off the mistake from the audio engineers and help Sunny to quickly recover.
Check out the video below!

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